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Lisa Horner lisa
Mon Dec 21 13:36:01 EET 2009

Hi all
Just some thoughts about the charter process to feed into the call and repsond to some points made so far...
 can't see there being any huge points of contention between the "experts" and the wider coalition.  Their job is really just to take what we've done, make sure that it doesn't erode existing rights standards and out it into a coherent structure.  Once we have a draft to work with, both sides should be open to discussion about the detail and why certain edits may or may not be appropriate.  I can see it being a really educative and informative process for us all. But it is true that we should be prepared for disagreement, and we should manage that process of discussion - giving the experts space to present the draft, coalition members opportunities to ask questions, and both groups time to come to consensus.
In light of that, I think we should aim for a detailed face to face meeting concerning the charter at the Eurodig in April or IGF planning meeting in May, with good facilities and systems for remote participation.  It'd be good to kow how many people intend to go to each of those meetings in person so that we can make a call about which venue to tag our meeting on to.
Also, maybe we could shift the last deadline for the final comment period back to 15th August, and then ask for a final version of the Charter from the experts by the end of August.  That would give us time to iron out any final disputes and print/publish whatever we need to?  I realise it encroaches on the summer holidays, but hopefully that'd be ok if we've got the timescale laid out in advance?  
As we can't really anticipate the nature of any disputes in advance, maybe the steering committee could commit to considering cases as they arise and halping to identify appropriate solutions?  We could also have a liaison between the committee and the coalition to help ongoing communication between the two.
All the best,
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