[IRP] [Expression] good practice to define limits of freedom of expression

Milton L Mueller mueller
Mon Dec 7 16:01:36 EET 2009

From: expression-bounces at ipjustice.org [mailto:expression-bounces at ipjustice.org] On Behalf Of Max Senges
Do you know about other good practices? Would it make sense to have a body like the BPjM on a global level?

Do you consider censorship to be "good practice?" When you ask whether it would "make sense to have a body like the BPjM on a global basis" are you joking, or have you abandoned your commitment to free expression? I cannot imagine a more repressive, dangerous approach and am frankly shocked to see this advocated here.

The fallacy here is one of prior restraint, which is always inimical to free expression. If organizations or political parties break the law then you punish them after they have done it; you don't (if you support freedom of expression) categorically ban them and muzzle everything they say or do before it can be adjudged legal or illegal.
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