[IRP] Final Version of our Report: Values, principles and rights in internet governance

Max Senges maxsenges
Fri Aug 28 18:58:16 EEST 2009

Dear All

Attached you find the final version of the report "   Values, principles and
rights in internet governance ", on which Lisa Horner and myself have been
working over the last months (with the input & feedback of many of you). If
the attachment didn't get through it's also at http://is.gd/2E8vl

We are quite happy with the result and hope that it will allow us to move
from the debate "what is the rights and principles approach" about to
strategic action advocating better Rights conditions for all net users
around the world.

Even though this is Lisa and my final version, we want to discuss the piece
and incorporate your feedback as we hope to use the report to find consenus
regarding the definitions etc. among our community.

As many of you know IRP has teamed up with APC to review the Internet Rights
Charter. The charter can be one of our core instruments to build a global
alliance and benefit from each others (local/regional) efforts. Please join
us @ the dedicated mailing list
http://lists.apc.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/rights, read the current
version http://www.apc.org/en/node/5677 and start editing the wiki (after
registering) @ http://irc.wiki.apc.org

Both documents will be key themes of our IRP workshop on the 13th of Sept.
just before the EuroDIG http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/node/166

You are all welcome! Please tell us if you are interested in remote

looking forward to your input

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