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@Rudi: How are you doing? seems like we leave the drafting & development to

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 Dear All:

For  those of you interested in the work on registrant rights  and
responsibilities associated with the amendments to the Registrar
Accreditation Agreement, a mailing  list exists in At-large to faciltate
this discussion.

You may join at this URL:

The microsite for the At-Large Registrant ? Registrar Relations Policy
working group is:

The GNSO Council has recently resolved, as a response to the resolution of
the Board of ICANN related to this, to convene a working group to define how
to proceed in working on this area.

On 10/03/2009 14:11, "Max Senges" <maxsenges at gmail.com> wrote:

Dear all

I talked to the folks from .cat and it seems there are some good practices
there regarding IDNs and WHOis

Jannik sent the following info regarding the best practices in denmark:

Chek page 3, section 8 on privacy for individuals:



On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 9:18 PM, William Drake <
william.drake at graduateinstitute.ch> wrote:

On Mar 5, 2009, at 10:10 AM, Vittorio Bertola wrote:

William Drake ha scritto:

Hence, the "official" charter will be established by representatives
from the GNSO community and the ALAC.  We did not specify a method for
selecting who those reps will be, but presumably they will be nominated
by the respective bodies.  Hence any separate and parallel initiative
would presumably have the status of an input to the work of the
designated group.  Of course the transmission belt between the two
spaces could be strengthened if some of the representatives chosen from
the GNSO community and the ALAC are also part of the team copied above.
But don't assume that whatever this team might do its own will
necessarily be "the" charter that results from the formal process.s

I'd rather suggest to the ALAC that the people who already participated
in this workshop and shown interest in working upon this matter are the
best candidates for being appointed to that working group.

Sounds good and not inconsistent with what I said.  But what workshop are
you referring to?





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