[IRP] Comments on IGF Programme Paper

M.I.Franklin M.I.Franklin
Mon Apr 20 17:17:50 EEST 2009

Dear All

I am happy to support this statement being tabled.

Only one phrase sticks out for me, in light of Hyderabad discussions about 
the distinctions between 'rights' and 'principles' and why there both terms 
have been adopted by this DC. Its the last sentence reading; 'We would like 
to offer to host a roundtable discussion on protecting and expanding human 
rights in internet governance processes'.

This reverts to the phrase 'human rights' which kind of cancels out the 
above inclusion of 'principles'. Given the different standpoints from some 
governments, and civil society groups about what is/is not a human right, 
perhaps we need to  rephrase this....

How? Dunno. Any suggestions?


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