[IRP] our proposals for events @ IGF09

Lisa Horner lisa
Mon Apr 20 14:53:37 EEST 2009

Hi all


Here's my stab at a workshop proposal on practical dimensions of
incorporating rights into IG.  I'll be submitting this on behalf of my
company, Global Partners...it caused much confusion when I tried to
submit last year's on behalf of the coalition. But I obviously want to
collaborate, and would welcome comments and suggestions.  I'm still
discussing this with my colleagues, so it may change.  We have to submit
it tomorrow.


All the best,



Human rights, values and principles in internet governance: Practical
steps forwards.


This workshop will examine practical strategies for incorporating human
rights standards into internet governance processes and policies.
Building on the commitment and momentum generated amongst different
stakeholders at the IGF 2008 workshop, Mainstreaming Human Rights in
Internet Governance, this workshop will help individuals and internet
governance organisations to take practical steps to protect and expand
universal human rights within their work and activities.  


The workshop will provide an update on the progress made by different
initiatives throughout the year, and explore challenges and
opportunities for their continuation and expansion.  Discussion will be
rooted in specific contexts and case study material in order to develop
practical strategies and solutions rather than only theoretical debate.
The workshop will be highly interactive, inviting audience members to
feed in their experiences and ideas.  It will provide a space for
furthering understanding about human rights and internet governance, and
for fostering collaboration between stakeholders from the business,
civil society and government sectors to address critical issues.



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Hi everybody

workshop proposals have to handed in by tuesday

as discussed in our meeting let's see whether we can organize:

- our coalition meeting: reporting on our years work, present and
discuss definitions for rights/principles approach and strategy

- a workshop on: best practices & instruments (hands-on) how to promote
rights and principles [i understand/hope Lisa will coordinate that

- a round table on rights and principles (bringing together decision
makers and try to set an agenda pursue jointly) - i am not sure wether
the idea of round tables has actually been accepted; i asked bertrand in
a message

- a workshop on: rights in principles in social network governance [this
would be with a group of co-organizers, who i have just contacted to
coordinate the production of a proposal]

ok if there are more ideas/proposals for workshops please take a look at
the proposal form below which needs to be submitted @

ok have a good weekend


Propose a short concise title for the workshop (not more then 10 words) 

Concise Description:

Concise Description: :: Provide a concise description of the workshop
(not more than 200 words) 

Which of the five broad IGF Themes or the Cross-Cutting Priorities does
your workshop fall under? [--Select a Theme-- \/]

Please make a selection

Have you organized an IGF workshop before?( )Yes( )No 

If so, please provide the link to the report: 

Would you be the Workshop organizer? ( ) Yes ( ) No

If so, who would you approach as co-organizers ? If not, who do you
think should organize it?

The Workshop is proposed on behalf of:

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, 
committed citizens can change the world. 
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. 
-----------------------Margaret Mead 

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Dr. Max Senges
Chair Internet Rights and Principles Coalition 


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