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shaila mistry shailam
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Hi Max
It was late for me yesterday and I was falling asleep during the monthly meeting , in addition , yesterday was "happy tax day" in case that falls in the list of approved excuses. I apologize for not stepping forward to share in the responsibility for this review . I am actually packing to move and was reluctant to offer something that I may not be able to fulfill.

I was thinking on this matter and have the following suggestion .Perhaps it is difficult for any one person to respond to all the questions. Max would it be a good idea to ask for individuals to step forward to answers at least those questions that they DO have something to say and have some prior knowledge and experience.

I will do my part in this and answer some that I am passionate about or at least have a two cents worth.
Once again I/we thank you for the responsibility that u have taken in leading all of us .


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Thanks Max.
I wonder if we should focus our efforts on drafting a comment from the coalition on the draft programme paper (available on the home page http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/), stressing the importance of a higher profile for rights and principles in the forum.  I'll have a look at this at some point before the deadline next Tuesday (hopefully this week).
We could all endeavour to answer the questions in this separate questionnaire on the importance of the continuation of the IGF as individuals?

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Hi everybody

i'll send some notes/results from our meeting later. But one point i wanted to put out urgently is the contribution to the IGF review. Below are the questions from the questionaire - if someone could please take the lead and suggest/draft some answers:

1. To what extent has the IGF addressed the mandate set out for it in the Tunis Agenda?


2. To what extent has the IGF embodied the WSIS principles?


3. What has the impact of the IGF been in direct or indirect terms? Has it impacted you or your stakeholder group/institution/government? Has it acted as a catalyst for change?

4. How effective are IGF processes in addressing the tasks set out for it, including the functioning of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG), Secretariat and open consultations? 

5. Is it desirable to continue the IGF past its initial five-year mandate, and why/why not?

6. If the continuation of the Forum is recommended, what improvements would you suggest in terms of its working methods, functioning and processes?


7. Do you have any other comments?

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On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 4:31 PM, Max Senges <maxsenges at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi everybody

As planned let's meet this thursday 16th of April at 8am GMT (i think that should allow participation from many more timezones).

I think most agenda points are still the same. Proposed agenda:

	* Review/Ammend&Add/Accept Agenda 
	* report Human Readable Privacy project meeting in Berlin 
	* Rudi: next steps Registrants Rights Charter

	* Meeting in Italy -- Lisa and others 
	* contribution to IGF review 
	* proposals for workshops (i know Bertrand has one on Rights in SocialNet(s)) 
	* re-development of our mission statement 
	* re-development of our website content (i think we can improve a lot by targeting why people/institutions/companies should join and what they can do)

I have problems setting up the skype-conference call service right now. Can anyone either recommend a conf-call provider or even offer to host our call?

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