[IRPCoalition] Nomination for the Steering Committee Member!

Tanka Aryal aryaltanka at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 10:33:16 EET 2024

Dear IRPC Community Leaders,

I am Tanka Raj Aryal from Nepal, I have an LLM in International Human
Rights Law from Central European University and I am a practicing lawyer at
the Supreme Court of Nepal. At present, I serve as the Chairperson of
Digital Rights Nepal, a non-profit organization dedicated to championing
digital rights, encompassing privacy, data protection, online freedom of
expression, digital security, and internet governance.

For over a decade, I have engaged myself in the realms of internet
governance and digital rights advocacy. My journey includes active
involvement as a Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) member of both the Asia
Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) and the Nepal Internet
Governance Forum (Nepal IGF). Additionally, I have held significant roles
within the Internet Society of Nepal Chapter.

My commitment to these causes extends beyond participation in the events; I
have regularly contributed to discussions and initiatives, including
moderating and presenting at various forums including IGF. Notably,
alongside my colleagues at DRN, I played a pivotal role in translating the
Internet Rights and Principles Coalition (IPRC) principles into Nepali,
presenting the Nepali version at the IGF Ethiopia in 2022. (

With this extensive background, I humbly nominate myself for a Steering
Committee Member position within the IPRC. I pledge my time and expertise
to furthering the objectives of the IRPC and advancing its global impact.
Further, I commit my time to be an active member of the steering committee
of IRPC including contributing to documents and meetings.

I kindly request fellow IRPC members to endorse my nomination for the
Steering Committee Member of the IRPC. I assure you that I am fully
committed to working with unwavering dedication and ensuring that your
endorsement is well-placed. Your trust in me is valued, and I am determined
to meet and exceed your expectations.

I would like to thank you all in advance for your support.

*Tanka Aryal*
*Digital Rights Nepal*
Kathmandu, Nepal
+977-9851075026 (WhatsApp, Signal, Viber)
aryaltanka at gmail.com
tanka at digitalrightsnepal.org
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