[IRPCoalition] The IRPC at EuroDIG 2023 in Tampere, Finland: 19 -21 June 2023

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Fri Jun 16 18:13:02 EEST 2023

Dear all,

I hope this email finds you well.

For those travelling this weekend to Tampere, Finland, to attend the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) I wish you safe travels and a very good EuroDIG.

The EuroDIG will be a hybrid event and will be taking place between 19th and 21st June under the overarching theme “Internet in troubled times: risks, resilience, hope“.  The YouthDIG starts tomorrow (17th June) and continues on Sunday 18th June.

This year IRPC SC has been involved in the coordination of the following workshops:

Workshop 3: Trustworthy AI: Large Language Models for Children and Education - 20th June, 15.00 EEST<https://eurodigwiki.org/wiki/Trustworthy_AI:_Large_Language_Models_for_Children_and_Education_%E2%80%93_WS_03_2023>  (UTC +3)
Workshop 4: Environment and sustainability in digital development<https://eurodigwiki.org/wiki/WS_04_2023> - 20th June, 16.45 EEST<https://eurodigwiki.org/wiki/Trustworthy_AI:_Large_Language_Models_for_Children_and_Education_%E2%80%93_WS_03_2023>  (UTC +3)
Workshop 6: When Universal acceptance meets Digital inclusion<https://eurodigwiki.org/wiki/When_Universal_acceptance_meets_Digital_inclusion_%E2%80%93_WS_06_2023> - 21st June, 12.15  EEST<https://eurodigwiki.org/wiki/Trustworthy_AI:_Large_Language_Models_for_Children_and_Education_%E2%80%93_WS_03_2023>  (UTC +3)

I hope you can join these and other important discussions at EuroDIG 2023 on site or online<https://www.eurodig.org/get-involved/register-for-eurodig-2023/>

Very best wishes,
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