[IRPCoalition] IRPC Elections Results 2022

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Thank you, everyone, for participating in this year's IRPC SC elections and thank you, Robert, for coordinating the whole process!
A big thank you to Tapani - who helped us with the configuration of the survey, for his unwavering support throughout.

Congratulations Raashi, Meri and Dennis! Very much looking forward to working with you all in the new year.

Best wishes,
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Dear all,

Thank you to those who participated in our Steering Committee (SC) elections by taking part in the poll. Polling is now closed and we can now confirm ongoing SC members (2022-2024) and Co-Chairs.

Out of the members on our mailing list, of which 437 invitations were sent, we received 74 responses in total – which amounts to approximately 17% of the list. With these figures in mind, the results are as below:

SC Co-Chair (2022-2023; one year extended): Minda Moreira

62 - Yes
4 - No
7 - Abstain
1 - No answer

SC Co-Chair (2022-2024): Raashi Saxena

51 - Yes
6 - No
16 - Abstain
1 - No answer

SC Member: Meri Baghdasaryan

50 - Yes
8 - No
15 - Abstain
1 - No answer

SC Member: Dennis Redeker

56 - Yes
6 - No
11 - Abstain
1 - No answer

Congratulations Minda, Raashi, Meri, and Dennis!

Ongoing SC

Minda Moreira: Co-Chair (2022-2023)

Raashi Saxena – Co-Chair (2022-2024)

Michael J. Oghia – SC member (2020-2022)

Mohamed Farahat – SC member (2021-2023)

Santosh Sigdel – SC member (2021-2023)

June Parris – SC member (2021-2023)

Marianne Franklin – SC member (2021-2023)

Jacob Odame-Baiden – SC member (2021-2023)

Note: The dates above refer to the start of the final calendar year as elections take place at the end of the previous calendar year, depending on when the IGF Annual Meeting takes place.

Thank you again to all of you who participated, and everyone who made the election process a success (especially Minda and Tapani). I also want to thank those of you who left comments at the end of the survey.


-Robert Bodle, IRPC Elections Officer

Robert Bodle, Ph.D.
Communication and New Media Studies
Mount St. Joseph University
Cincinnati, OH 45233-1670
(513) 244-4829
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