[IRPCoalition] Fwd: Confirmation of your participation in the IRPC Steering Committee Election - please participate everyone!

shaila mistry shailam at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 14 23:09:45 EET 2022

HiRobert and Marianne

Thankyou for all the excellent work that all of you have done. If you recall I amone of the pioneer members to start the Bill of Rights, way back since Tunisia,IGF. We then we changed our name to IRPC. I attended in participated in manyIGFs, presented also, AND served on the Steering Committee for severalyears.  I am one of the original co-authors on the Charter which Isee is still in use. I am still heavily involved at the UN level and globallyTechnology, Financing, Decision making and in Advocacy. Would love to get re-engagedsome time 

 Pleasesend the link to vote, somehow, I must have deleted it.

Manythanks for all you do!
Best Wishes 

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    On Monday, February 14, 2022, 06:53:14 AM PST, Marianne Franklin <m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk> wrote:  
Dear All, and also to our Election Officer Robert Bodle
Thank you Robert and the elections team for all the work organizing the nominations and setting up this election poll for the upcoming Steering Committee and co-Chairs for the coming one-two years. 
I have voted (evidence below) and I hope everyone on the list can find a few minutes to take part. The candidates have provided us with very strong and inspiring statements of motivation and action points. 
As for me, it has been a privilege working with the ongoing/outgoing SC members. 
Thanks everyone for supporting the coalition and the Charter work by voting, and also to all of you for being part of the ongoing, and also all the new initiatives the IRPC has been leading, and contributing to in the wider internet governance and human digital rights domains.  
Stay well, and safe
Warm wishes
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 Dear Marianne,
 This email is to confirm that you have successfully completed the IRPC SC Election ballot. Thank you for participating.
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