[IRPCoalition] Nomination: Minda Moreira for co-chair

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Dear all,

It is exciting to see that the IRPC is just about to get a new co-chair!

Following my suggestion last Friday, I am still open to having my current mandate extended for one more year to support the incoming co-chair and to restore IRPC governance - as opposed to serving another full term. However, I would like to hear your thoughts on this suggestion since this would be an exceptional extension in response to the extraordinary circumstance of having a vacant position for the last three years.

I include my statement below and I look forward to working with you all again this year:

Minda Moreira

I joined the Internet Rights and Principles Coalition (IRPC) in 2012 as Web and Social Media Manager to help restore the Coalition’s online presence. In 2016 I joined the Steering Committee and I served two terms as co-chair (2018-2020 and 2020- 2022).

My engagement with Internet Governance and digital human rights has been done through the IRPC. I have been committed to promoting the work of the coalition - especially its main output document, and to engaging representatives of all stakeholder groups - not only within the IGF environment but also the regional and local communities, to raise awareness of human rights issues online and to ensure the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms in the digital sphere.

As co-chair, I prioritised the fostering of partnerships and collaborations with like-minded projects and organisations, worked with our Charter booklet project coordinator and translation teams for new translations of the Charter, and ensured that the IRPC presence within and outside the IGF environment grew stronger.

Over the last few years, the IRPC has:

  *   Benefited from a very strong presence at the annual IGF, with a combination of workshops, the IRPC annual meeting, a booth at the IGF village and participation at the DCs Main Session,
  *   Been actively involved in the DC Coordination group and  IGF processes and has been advocating for more recognition of the work of the Dynamic Coalitions and for their main outputs to be officially recognised by the IGF,
  *   Engaged in collaborations with other like-minded organisations and initiatives (Amnesty International, Cities for Digital Rights Coalition, Digital Constitutionalism Network, Association for Progressive Communications (APC), EU Parliament: Greens/EFA, European Commission, etc),
  *   Fostered stronger engagement with the Youth, by inviting younger generations to join our workshops and annual meetings and by participating in Youth-led initiatives,
  *   Strengthened its observership status at the Council of Europe’s CDMSI by actively providing output and participating in the bi-annual meetings,
  *   successfully advocated for the discussion of emerging issues at the intersection of environmental sustainability and Internet governance as per the Charter’s Article 4 (Clause b) while continuing to highlight other important human rights issues online,
  *   Strengthened its participation at local and regional IGFs by engaging with local /regional communities (EuroDIG, APrIGF, UKIGF, Ghana School of Internet Governance, Paradigm Initiative, Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa, ICT Africa Symposium, etc.).

Internally some of the changes introduced include:

  *   The redesign of the IRPC website -  we moved to a green hosting provider, included security features, and improved the design and content of the website to minimise its carbon footprint;
  *   The restructure of the  IRPC SC - we established SC roles, including regional coordinators, for more focus, efficiency, and to better promote the Charter and the Coalition’s work at the regional and local level;

  *   The update of the IRPC Governance guidelines - we listened to the members' concerns and introduced minor adjustments for clarity and smoother running of the SC elections.

I intend to use this extended mandate to:

  *   Support the new co-chair in her new role,
  *   Strengthen existing partnerships and foster new collaborations within the IGF community and beyond,
  *   Advocate for the recognition of the Charter as an official document of the IGF and liaise with the IGF Secretariat and other actors to widen the reach of this document,
  *   Continue to promote the Charter beyond the IGF environment,
  *   Work together with the SC and the wider list to initiate the process of review of some of the provisions of the Charter with the view to creating Protocols to add to the document as per our discussions at the IRPC annual meetings in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Very best wishes,


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Subject: Re: [IRPCoalition] Nomination: Minda Moreira for co-chair

Dear all,

Thank you so much for the nomination for one more term, Tapani, and thank you, Michael, Wolfgang, Wisdom, and fellow SC members for the kind words and endorsement.

Apologies, it took me a while to react: I have been busy with some personal matters and away from my email inbox.

In the last Steering Committee meeting, just before the IGF, we looked at the issue of the lack of co-chair nominations and a possible way forward as I have already served the two terms stated in the Coalition’s governance guidelines and the last two or three years one of the two co-chair positions has been vacant.

It has been a great honour to serve this Coalition as co-chair and I have been very fortunate to have such great support from IRPC members and from a very strong and committed SC during these solo years, but I think it is really important to have two serving co-chairs for strength, support and continuity. I am very grateful for the nomination, Tapani, and while I would gladly accept it as last resort, I think that serving another full term may not solve the issue of a vacant position. However, I would be happy to exceptionally extend this mandate for one more year to support a new co-chair and to ensure that the Coalition’s governance structure is restored. Please let me know if you feel that this suggestion/compromise is feasible and if it could better resolve the issue at hand.

I am also taking this opportunity to thank this year’s election officer for initiating the SC elections process: it is fantastic to see some great nominations coming forward - hopefully, this extension will allow more (self)nominations for both available positions, and I look forward to working with you.

Best and wishing you all a very good weekend ahead,


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Subject: [IRPCoalition] Nomination: Minda Moreira for co-chair

Dear all,

I would like to nominate Minda Moreira for another term as co-chair.

She's been doing an extraordinary job at it, especially given that
she's been doing it alone for a year.

It would also be good for continuity not to have two new co-chairs
starting at the same time. One experienced and one new would be
much better.

Minda, I hope you'll accept.

All the best,

Tapani Tarvainen
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