[IRPCoalition] IRPC Election Ballot 2021-2023

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Thu Jan 14 20:38:05 EET 2021

Dear all,

The Election Poll is officially open, and will close on 28 January 2021.

This year we have six candidates for a Steering Committee position 

Having your support and input really helps all those on the IRPC 
Steering Committee to prepare for this coming year. It also keeps us 
inspired to continue working in support of human rights and principles 
for the Internet from the Charter's perspective, but also in support of 
all the achievements from others in this domain.

You can access the ballot at: https://forms.gle/rBxQxi3dZWZMPCo47

In case you have any issues or questions, please reply to this email as 
soon as possible.

Your participation counts, so thank you in advance.


-Michael Oghia
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