[IRPCoalition] Cyber AI support for sense-making

Timothy Holborn timothy.holborn at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 15:53:43 EEST 2020

Hi All,

I was on the call - but someone booted me from it several times,
before finally sending a message 'who are you' as they seemingly
blocked me from the call.  Great! :(


I couldn't find the secretariat email to forward this to; as such, i'm
hoping my summary might be helpfully progressed from here.  I really
don't care about who does this important work; but someone needs to,
so, if i'm helpful - awesome, if you want to get someone else onto it,
awesome; but i've spent several years working on underlying technology
for it; so if i can be helpful, there were only a handful involved -
but, i've been through the wars for human rights enough - so, please -
DIY or - facilitate a means to work in-good-faith without causing

As noted; I've previously highlighted the concern that WWW is being
used to divest / distort / disorientate / influence / subvert and
engender economically gainful outcomes, at the personal cost of the
'consumer'.  once damage occurs, we can't 'wind back the clock', its
part of 'reality'.

As such; there's a problem with cyber, which is worse than propaganda
prior to web 2.0.  We're now on the cusp of a 'next evolution' that
seeks to support medical information, Payments & more.

As such; the 'human rights' associated questions relate the underlying
notions of human rights to the propagation of artificial intelligence,
internationally. There is a fundamental question about the right for
persons to be about the discern reality.

Online platforms can provide dynamically tailored ‘media’ experiences
to persons based on knowledge of those persons and underlying business
systems; which may or may not have penalties for wrong-doing,

This is in-turn being linked to the means for persons to have and
maintain relationships with others & increasingly also, whether and/or
how persons are entitled to be paid for various forms of ‘work
output’. This is often simplified as to be called ‘digital identity’;
however, there are various meanings that have consequences.

There are various definitions of (human) identity.  Some refer to
identifiers, others relate to “the fact of being who or what a person
or thing is.” Which in-turn links to the conscious experience of
persons; as does in-turn inform rights, responsibilities and means to
support ‘sense-making’ about reality.  It is known that online systems
are leading to phenomena where people are acting upon ‘false
‘assumptions’’ at a social level (ie; mass toilet-paper purchases /
shortages – whilst there are increasingly an array of examples.)

Human Rights are predicated upon the concept of responsibilities; or
court-admissible evidence in relation to facts.  Without the means to
discern fact from fiction; even the function of a court of law cannot
work, and so therefore; there is no consequential beneficial meaning
for the concept of ‘rights’ of any meaningful form.

These factors relate not only to human rights, but moreover ‘rule of
law’, sovereignty and other broader issues.

What is the role of the IRPCoalition in making any recommendations to
authorities about the importance of ‘sense making’ in an age of
Artificial Intelligence (and dynamic cyber based information
management systems) as to support, at a minimum, the inalienable
rights described by the UDHR alongside other UN instruments.

& does the IRPCoalition actively work with Geographic ISOC chapters as
to garnish insights & needs about theses sorts of cyber-physical
(socio-economic & cultural influences) brought about by technology

I note again; that it does not appear the presently well-developed
private equity funded global portals (
https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1bHmB8_f7ASRHm97TwhZmmEQnTKU )
are leading the innovation curve in this area; and there is a question
about whether and/or how,

an additional article to the UDHR might be produced as to convey
support for the document's purpose as was defined - prior to cyber or
AI or the commercial beneficiaries earning from it; now so long ago,
after the last war was sorted out - after so much harm occurred prior
to it being done.


Timothy Holborn.

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