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Hi June,

Nice to meet you.

My grandfather was a pathologist who was involved in building what is now a
very large pathology.

In Australia, it's been a very difficult time. It is likely that about a
million people have been in solitary (house) confinement for many months
this year.  I suspect the opportunity for things to start to improve may
occur after the US election.

The implication or problem I was trying to address is the problem of lies
being told, propaganda often dynamically via platforms like Facebook that
lead people to carrying false beliefs which may in turn be enforced by
police and/or Army.

There's a previous post / thread that is coupled the concept highlighted in
this email thread.

In that thread, I asked,

Is 'sense-making' about reality, the ability to comprehend the
distinction about
reality vs. 'fantasy' a human right?

it appears AI & WWW is forming new challenges that may be 'boiled down' into
these sorts of terms...

ie: mass toilet-paper sales earlier in the year. (or much worse).

I also noted,

Fwiw; I suspect that the "online data storage" policies brought about by
web 2(circa 2001?) Are less meaningful for the vast majority of humanity
(non western countries / liberalised democracies, etc.)

I also suspect technology is now technically able to be made available to
uplift vast amounts of humanity from severe poverty (subject to
accessibility, intellectual property terms, etc) than has ever been
relavent before hand in Human history.

Devices via "belt & road" countries are cheaper than "iPhones" (for

Dignity is mentioned in the preamble to the UDHR, alongside article 27, etc.

Thereafter as a means to illustrate the problem, people in western regions
have been convinced to act & do various things in various ways; sometimes
with very significant implications.  Churches are forbidden, whilst
government directions replace it on Sundays.

 it is lawful to have more people attend a funeral if it were held In a

If the statements about the importance of the underlying rules terrorising
peoples lives were reasonable; then regions without clean water,
electricity, social security and many other things required to "contain" &
treat the disease; would, following the logic, mean that the population
would be wiped out.

So, the underlying question becomes

Is 'sense-making' about reality, the ability to comprehend the
distinction about
reality vs. 'fantasy' a human right?

it appears AI & WWW is forming new challenges that may be 'boiled down' into
these sorts of terms...

Timothy Holborn

On Sat., 19 Sep. 2020, 8:25 pm June Parris, <parrisjune51 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> Am trying to follow this conversation about the third world, please use
> Global South, I am a Barbadian, and I don’t quite follow these theories. Am
> also a trained Specialist Nurse in Medicine and Mental Health, as well as
> Health Services and Policy ( Economics) .
> Who do you consider as ‘Third World’ ? As I think that some of these
> countries are coping rather well with Covid-19.
> As I said I am trying my best to follow the conversation.
> Regards
> June Parris
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> Hi Timothy,
> In the so-called third world, the population is significantly younger.
> Therefore, the COVID-19 recovery rates are high (thankfully). However,
> economic recovery is nowhere in sight as of now. That's what I'd be worried
> about.
> If anyone is interested, I can send across relevant articles on the list.
> Regards
> On Fri, 18 Sep, 2020, 8:30 pm Timothy Holborn, <timothy.holborn at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> We're being told, in effect, the 3rd world is going to be wiped out by
> covid-19.
> Is this the case or not?
> Any links I can refer to?
> Cheers,
> Timo.
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