[IRPCoalition] Self Nomination to the Member of the Steering Committee

mohamed farahat m.farahat at efrr-egypt.org
Tue Dec 29 20:34:48 EET 2020

Although I do not have to second this nomination but I have at least to say
very relevant and appropriate nomination
Good luck

On Tue, Dec 29, 2020, 3:42 PM Santosh Sigdel <santoshsigdel at gmail.com>

> Dear IRPC Members,
> With the utmost commitments to the rights and principles relating to the
> Internet, I would like to nominate myself as the candidate for the member
> of the IRPC Steering Committee. I am a human rights lawyer and rights
> advocate from the South-Asian Country Nepal. I have been engaged in
> promoting digital rights and internet principles for many years.
> I have engaged in policy review, capacity building, awareness, coalition
> building for promoting digital rights. I led a research on "Freedom of
> Expression on the Internet in Nepal", which is the first such report in the
> context of Nepal. Similarly, I was engaged with the Internet Society Nepal,
> a local civil society organization and Nepal chapter of the "Internet
> Society (ISOC) and led the organization in different capacities, including
> as the Chairperson. I convened many events, training, seminars and was
> engaged in organizing "Nepal Internet Governance Forum (NepalIGF), Nepal
> School on Internet Government (NPSIG) and seminars on freedom of
> expression, privacy and data protection. I am also engaged with the
> Asia-Pacific Regional IGF (APRIGF). Further, I have been closely associated
> with and a member of the Asia-Pacific School of Internet Governance
> (APSIG).
> In the policy level, I have reviewed many policy documents, in the context
> of Nepal, relating to digital rights from the human rights perspective. I
> also reviewed the draft Information Technology Bill and provided inputs to
> the members of the parliament to introduce amendment proposals on the bill.
> Currently the bill is in the parliament. I also reviewed the draft of the
> "Individual Privacy Bill" and organized events with the civil society to
> raise concerns on the proposed provision of the Bill. Similarly, I have
> brought a number of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Supreme Court
> on Nepal. In a successful right to privacy writ petition, the court ordered
> the government to bring the privacy law immediately, whereas a writ
> petition against the Online Media Operation Guideline is still subjudice in
> the court.
> I have obtained a master's degree in law (LL.M) from the Central European
> University (CEU), Budapest, Hungary. I have closely worked with the civil
> society organizations and networks in Nepal. I have also worked with
> International organizations such as UNDP, CARE, International Center for
> Transitional Justice (ICT), Article19 and FHI 360. I am founding chair of
> the "Digital Rights Nepal", a civil society initiative to promote digital
> rights.
> The role and responsibilities I would carry out as a member of the IRPC
> steering committee will largely be shaped by the objectives, policies and
> priorities set by the Coalition itself. Nevertheless, I see following as
> possible areas that I can contribute:
> -        *Awareness raising:* It is necessary to raise awareness about
> the internet rights and principles among the stakeholders, around the
> world, South Asian region and in Nepal. With growing dependence on the
> internet, the risks towards the open, secure, accessible and affordable
> internet has also increased. Thus, it is necessary to raise awareness among
> stakeholders about the internet rights and principles.
> -        *Capacity Building,* Along with awareness it is also important
> to build capacity of the stakeholders. This is not only about the technical
> capacity but the capacity in terms of pursuing authorities and stakeholders
> about values, principles around digital rights. Due to lack of capacity to
> engage in the policy processes countries have adopted laws that trumps the
> freedom of expression and opinion, privacy, data protection. Thus, it is
> important to build the capacity of the stakeholders and I can play an
> important role in this front.
> -        *Represent the Coalition to stakeholders including the
> government, CSOs network, *It is important to make the IRPC visible in
> every country and region where it participates in the policy processes;
> engage with the CSOs and network, provide technical assistance etc. In this
> front, I think my role representing the Coalition in the region would be
> very important.
> -        *Promoting the Internet rights and Principles, *One of the major
> objectives of the Coalition is to promote internet rights and principles.
> As a SC member, my role would be to share about the rights and principles
> in forums, during policy discourse, through capacity building and by
> involving with other CSOs and networks.
> -        *Policy review and analysis, *I believe that IRPC should be more
> active in reviewing the international, national and regional frameworks,
> policies, guidelines from the perspective of internet rights and
> principles. International and regional instruments such as GDPR, or
> cyber-crime convention or rules for digital platforms should be reviewed
> and analyzed whether they are consistent with the internet rights and
> principles or not. I see my role contributing in such policy review and
> analysis.
> -        *Institutional strengthening:* I also see my role in the
> activities relating to strengthening the IRPC/IRPC Secretariat. I will be
> involved in meetings, activities and also be part of any initiative geared
> towards that.
> *With this I nominate myself as a member of the Steering Committee and
> looking forward to working together. *
> Best regards,
> Santosh Sigdel
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>    1. Fwd: IRPC Steering Committee and Co-Chair Elections 2020
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> Subject: [IRPCoalition] Fwd: IRPC Steering Committee and Co-Chair
>         Elections 2020
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> Hi everyone,
> This is a gentle reminder to anyone interested in serving as either a
> co-chair or as a steering committee member of the IRPC to please
> self-nominate or, likewise, please nominate anyone you know who may be
> interested.
> Thank you,
> -Michael
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>                  SUBJECT:
>                   IRPC Steering Committee and Co-Chair Elections 2020
>                  DATE:
>                   2020-12-15 11:26
> This email is an announcement regarding the upcoming Internet Rights and
> Principles Coalition (IRPC) Elections.
> Timeline
> Nominations: 15 - 29 December 2020
> Elections: 30 December 2020 - 13 January 2021
> For 2021-23 we have positions for one incoming co-chair and five
> steering committee members.
> Below you will find the nomination and election procedure, which
> includes ideal criteria (roles and responsibilities, areas of interest
> and expertise) for each position.
> (Self) nominations for any of these positions are open until 29 December
> 2020. All (self-) nominations require a seconder and a brief statement
> of intent.
> The voting will be open from 30 December 2020 - 13 January 2021.
> Procedure and Guidelines for Nominees:
>          * Invite (self) nominations for Co-Chairs and Steering Committee
> Members. Each candidate provides a short profile statement to include a
> short bio as pertains to their intended role in the Coalition, as well
> as a short statement of how they will work towards the Coalition's
> continued success and development.
>          * Set up a survey monkey and hold elections - or a poll to endorse
> current and incoming officers if nominations not contested - for
> incoming Co-Chair and Steering Committee Member/s.
>          * Both Co-Chairs and Steering Committee Members to be
> (self)-nominated, a seconder is required.
>          * Ongoing Steering Committee members including Co-Chairs, cannot
> nominate or second.
>          * IRPC Co-Chairs serve for two years.
>          * Steering Committee Members (total of 9) are elected for two
> years
> with a nominal maximum of two terms (4 years). After two terms, an SC
> member either steps down or stands for a renewed two-year term. This
> criterion applies to the outgoing Co-Chair position-holder on completion
> of the succeeding two-year term.
>          * Steering Committee Members and Co-Chair positions are elected
> independently.
>          * The IRPC aims to represent stakeholders of diverse and
> historically
> underrepresented backgrounds, as well as seeks gender and geographical
> balance.
> Qualifications:
> Co-Chair
>          * Experience with the IGF and/or related internet governance
> consultations and meetings and the IRP Coalition for at least one year.
>          * Can demonstrate an understanding and commitment to the IRP
> Coalition's Aims (see:
> http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/dynamiccoalitions/72-ibr)
>          * Preferably, demonstrate knowledge of the procedures of the
> Internet
> Governance Forum
>          * Knowledge of the IRPC's work and output since 2008 and provide
> insights into how they envisage taking the IRP Charter forward based on
> achievements to date.
>          * Can provide a vision for how the IRP Coalition can contribute
> to the
> future of the IGF and advance the IRPC Charter work within the IGF and
> beyond.
>          * Able to consolidate ongoing collaborations with partners from
> all
> sectors and forge new ones.
> Steering Committee Member
>          * Experience with the IRPC for at least one year.
>          * Demonstrate experience and knowledge of IG related themes, human
> rights and IG Principles in particular.
>          * Adherence to the Coalition's Aims (see:
> http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/dynamiccoalitions/72-ibr)
>          * Preferably, some knowledge and understanding of the procedures
> of
> the Internet Governance Forum.
>          * Demonstrate a commitment to the aims and objectives of the IRPC
> Charter of Human Rights and Principles of the Internet
>          * Indicate what roles and responsibilities they can carry as an SC
> member
>          * Able and willing to respond to SC emails and meeting calls in a
> reasonable time.
> Timeline and polling:
>          * Nominations for new officers will be open for two weeks starting
> today, 15 December
>          * Elections will be open for two weeks starting 30 December.
> IRPC list members will (i) vote or endorse (if uncontested) nominees
> using an anonymized online polling tool.
> In case you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.
> Warm regards,
> -Michael J. Oghia
> IRPC Steering Committee Member (2020-2022) & election officer
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