[IRPCoalition] Self Nomination to the Member of the Steering Committee

Santosh Sigdel santoshsigdel at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 15:42:20 EET 2020

Dear IRPC Members,

With the utmost commitments to the rights and principles relating to the
Internet, I would like to nominate myself as the candidate for the member
of the IRPC Steering Committee. I am a human rights lawyer and rights
advocate from the South-Asian Country Nepal. I have been engaged in
promoting digital rights and internet principles for many years.

I have engaged in policy review, capacity building, awareness, coalition
building for promoting digital rights. I led a research on "Freedom of
Expression on the Internet in Nepal", which is the first such report in the
context of Nepal. Similarly, I was engaged with the Internet Society Nepal,
a local civil society organization and Nepal chapter of the "Internet
Society (ISOC) and led the organization in different capacities, including
as the Chairperson. I convened many events, training, seminars and was
engaged in organizing "Nepal Internet Governance Forum (NepalIGF), Nepal
School on Internet Government (NPSIG) and seminars on freedom of
expression, privacy and data protection. I am also engaged with the
Asia-Pacific Regional IGF (APRIGF). Further, I have been closely associated
with and a member of the Asia-Pacific School of Internet Governance

In the policy level, I have reviewed many policy documents, in the context
of Nepal, relating to digital rights from the human rights perspective. I
also reviewed the draft Information Technology Bill and provided inputs to
the members of the parliament to introduce amendment proposals on the bill.
Currently the bill is in the parliament. I also reviewed the draft of the
"Individual Privacy Bill" and organized events with the civil society to
raise concerns on the proposed provision of the Bill. Similarly, I have
brought a number of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Supreme Court
on Nepal. In a successful right to privacy writ petition, the court ordered
the government to bring the privacy law immediately, whereas a writ
petition against the Online Media Operation Guideline is still subjudice in
the court.

I have obtained a master's degree in law (LL.M) from the Central European
University (CEU), Budapest, Hungary. I have closely worked with the civil
society organizations and networks in Nepal. I have also worked with
International organizations such as UNDP, CARE, International Center for
Transitional Justice (ICT), Article19 and FHI 360. I am founding chair of
the "Digital Rights Nepal", a civil society initiative to promote digital

The role and responsibilities I would carry out as a member of the IRPC
steering committee will largely be shaped by the objectives, policies and
priorities set by the Coalition itself. Nevertheless, I see following as
possible areas that I can contribute:

-        *Awareness raising:* It is necessary to raise awareness about the
internet rights and principles among the stakeholders, around the world,
South Asian region and in Nepal. With growing dependence on the internet,
the risks towards the open, secure, accessible and affordable internet has
also increased. Thus, it is necessary to raise awareness among stakeholders
about the internet rights and principles.

-        *Capacity Building,* Along with awareness it is also important to
build capacity of the stakeholders. This is not only about the technical
capacity but the capacity in terms of pursuing authorities and stakeholders
about values, principles around digital rights. Due to lack of capacity to
engage in the policy processes countries have adopted laws that trumps the
freedom of expression and opinion, privacy, data protection. Thus, it is
important to build the capacity of the stakeholders and I can play an
important role in this front.

-        *Represent the Coalition to stakeholders including the government,
CSOs network, *It is important to make the IRPC visible in every country
and region where it participates in the policy processes; engage with the
CSOs and network, provide technical assistance etc. In this front, I think
my role representing the Coalition in the region would be very important.

-        *Promoting the Internet rights and Principles, *One of the major
objectives of the Coalition is to promote internet rights and principles.
As a SC member, my role would be to share about the rights and principles
in forums, during policy discourse, through capacity building and by
involving with other CSOs and networks.

-        *Policy review and analysis, *I believe that IRPC should be more
active in reviewing the international, national and regional frameworks,
policies, guidelines from the perspective of internet rights and
principles. International and regional instruments such as GDPR, or
cyber-crime convention or rules for digital platforms should be reviewed
and analyzed whether they are consistent with the internet rights and
principles or not. I see my role contributing in such policy review and

-        *Institutional strengthening:* I also see my role in the
activities relating to strengthening the IRPC/IRPC Secretariat. I will be
involved in meetings, activities and also be part of any initiative geared
towards that.

*With this I nominate myself as a member of the Steering Committee and
looking forward to working together. *

Best regards,

Santosh Sigdel

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   1. Fwd: IRPC Steering Committee and Co-Chair Elections 2020
      (info at irpcharter.org)


Message: 1
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2020 15:41:33 +0100
From: info at irpcharter.org
To: irp at lists.internetrightsandprinciples.org
Subject: [IRPCoalition] Fwd: IRPC Steering Committee and Co-Chair
        Elections 2020
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Hi everyone,

This is a gentle reminder to anyone interested in serving as either a
co-chair or as a steering committee member of the IRPC to please
self-nominate or, likewise, please nominate anyone you know who may be

Thank you,


-------- Original Message --------

                  IRPC Steering Committee and Co-Chair Elections 2020

                  2020-12-15 11:26


This email is an announcement regarding the upcoming Internet Rights and
Principles Coalition (IRPC) Elections.


Nominations: 15 - 29 December 2020

Elections: 30 December 2020 - 13 January 2021

For 2021-23 we have positions for one incoming co-chair and five
steering committee members.

Below you will find the nomination and election procedure, which
includes ideal criteria (roles and responsibilities, areas of interest
and expertise) for each position.

(Self) nominations for any of these positions are open until 29 December
2020. All (self-) nominations require a seconder and a brief statement
of intent.

The voting will be open from 30 December 2020 - 13 January 2021.

Procedure and Guidelines for Nominees:

         * Invite (self) nominations for Co-Chairs and Steering Committee
Members. Each candidate provides a short profile statement to include a
short bio as pertains to their intended role in the Coalition, as well
as a short statement of how they will work towards the Coalition's
continued success and development.
         * Set up a survey monkey and hold elections - or a poll to endorse
current and incoming officers if nominations not contested - for
incoming Co-Chair and Steering Committee Member/s.
         * Both Co-Chairs and Steering Committee Members to be
(self)-nominated, a seconder is required.
         * Ongoing Steering Committee members including Co-Chairs, cannot
nominate or second.
         * IRPC Co-Chairs serve for two years.
         * Steering Committee Members (total of 9) are elected for two years
with a nominal maximum of two terms (4 years). After two terms, an SC
member either steps down or stands for a renewed two-year term. This
criterion applies to the outgoing Co-Chair position-holder on completion
of the succeeding two-year term.
         * Steering Committee Members and Co-Chair positions are elected
         * The IRPC aims to represent stakeholders of diverse and
underrepresented backgrounds, as well as seeks gender and geographical



         * Experience with the IGF and/or related internet governance
consultations and meetings and the IRP Coalition for at least one year.
         * Can demonstrate an understanding and commitment to the IRP
Coalition's Aims (see:
         * Preferably, demonstrate knowledge of the procedures of the
Governance Forum
         * Knowledge of the IRPC's work and output since 2008 and provide
insights into how they envisage taking the IRP Charter forward based on
achievements to date.
         * Can provide a vision for how the IRP Coalition can contribute to
future of the IGF and advance the IRPC Charter work within the IGF and
         * Able to consolidate ongoing collaborations with partners from all
sectors and forge new ones.

Steering Committee Member

         * Experience with the IRPC for at least one year.
         * Demonstrate experience and knowledge of IG related themes, human
rights and IG Principles in particular.
         * Adherence to the Coalition's Aims (see:
         * Preferably, some knowledge and understanding of the procedures of
the Internet Governance Forum.
         * Demonstrate a commitment to the aims and objectives of the IRPC
Charter of Human Rights and Principles of the Internet
         * Indicate what roles and responsibilities they can carry as an SC
         * Able and willing to respond to SC emails and meeting calls in a
reasonable time.

Timeline and polling:

         * Nominations for new officers will be open for two weeks starting
today, 15 December
         * Elections will be open for two weeks starting 30 December.

IRPC list members will (i) vote or endorse (if uncontested) nominees
using an anonymized online polling tool.

In case you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Warm regards,

-Michael J. Oghia

IRPC Steering Committee Member (2020-2022) & election officer
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