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Dear all,

Thank you all and Marianne for the kind words, and completely agree with Wolfgang: Marianne has been instrumental for the success of this Coalition. From the organisation of the first printed charter booklets, to the coordination of translations, securing funding, printing, shipping and distribution of new booklets... She has been relentless in her efforts to work with others and to forge new partnerships to advance our work, and her tireless dedication, as well as her unreserved support to me and other members of the Steering Committee does not go unnoticed. She is also a great speaker and a fantastic moderator, and her enthusiasm for the Charter and the work of the Coalition is not only contagious, but has also attracted new members (and so many young people!) session after session.

I am fortunate to have been able to contribute more actively to the work of the IRPC alongside with Marianne and outgoing SC members and long time supporters:  Hanane - very important outreach work in the MENA region too!, and Robert, who has been developing  the Charter's Resource Guide. It is always inspiring to see other ex-SC members so actively involved: Shreedeep has just translated the 10 Principles into Nepali and he is also working on the Nepali translation of the Charter, Tapani’s management of the list and dedicated technical support has kept our online presence going. It has also been fascinating to follow the work of more recent SC members: Mohamed coordinating our outreach efforts in Egypt and in the MENA region, Rigobert with the translation of the French Charter and his ongoing outreach work in the African region, June and her fantastic job as SC secretary and first line support in all things IGF.

It is now widely accepted that human rights should apply as much online as offline. Last week in Berlin UN Secretary-General António Guterres asked “How can we ensure that human rights obligations apply online as they do offline?” and he also mentioned that the “Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights and others are working on the urgent task of understanding better how exactly international human rights can be applied in cyberspace”. I believe that the IRPC equipped with this strong document - and with so many years of experience and outreach, is very well positioned to lead the way. During the IGF I heard of so many inspiring projects and ideas from members of the list: I look forward to seeing more collaborations developing from these initial conversations.

Best wishes,

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Dear all,

may I join the thanks to Minda, who did a great job,. But also give a special thanks to Marianne, who also has been instrumental for the success!

Best regards


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Dear Minda, and all IRPC members

It was a productive, intense, and very well-catered IGF in Berlin.

I would like to thank the IGF secretariat, and local hosts for their extraordinary organization and commitment to making the meeting work at this large scale.

The booths were of a high standard and having one for the iRPC was very effective and useful as there was a lot of interest from delegates. We also able to host the work of others there as well, and talk to many different sorts of visitors, active in the IGF and also new to this domain.

And most of all I would like to thank Minda Moreira for her amazing leadership as (co)Chair of the IRPC this last couple of years. Not only has she maintained and developed the outward-facing "look" of the Charter work e.g. informational material, designing the banner, and updating all the current booklet editions (at professional graphic artist level) but she also put together a video to run at the booth which lifted the level of presence and professionalism. And she runs our website as well.

Minda was also instrumental in ensuring that the French Language booklet was ready in time, together with Rigobert.

More importantly, is her substantive leadership at the IGF and as SC Chair: Minda represented the coalition at the Dynamic Coalition Main Session<https://sched.co/SU44> on Day 3 very well indeed, and in the preparatory meetings: she fielded tough questions in that informative session in which 16 DCs presented their work and vision. She made clear the work done and contributions to IG agendas that the IRPC has made under her Chairship, results achieved, and where the coalition can contribute, unpack the 21 articles of the Charter in the next years.

This she did as well as put together the DC meeting event in the morning of Day 2 <https://sched.co/SU3a> that brought in new participants to the IGF along with demonstrating how and why climate crisis issues are integral to any present and future IG consultations. Minda was also crucial to the preparation and reportage that made Workshop 282 that afternoon<https://sched.co/SU22>, a success as well.

It was a pleasure and privilege to work with Minda in the SC. I do hope Minda that you will consider standing again as (co)Chair so that you can lead us forwards in the next two years.

Thanks everyone.

best wishes

Marianne F

On 03/12/2019 20:12, Hanane Boujemi wrote:

Dear Minda,

It was great seeing in Berlin and THANK YOU for all the great work and achievements of IRPC under your leadership. Congratulations and I am looking forward the opportunity to collaborate with you again.

Best regards

Hanane Boujemi

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Dear all,

I hope that you enjoyed the IGF last week either on site in Berlin, or following remotely.

On behalf of the IRPC Steering Committee I would like to thank you all for your work and for supporting the outreach efforts of the Coalition. It was privilege to talk to so many Coalition members and supporters, and some of you who have been involved since the start of the IRPC and the first drafting of the Charter.

The IRPC booth was a great success, and it was very inspiring to see how the Charter is being used all over the world, and how it continues to inspire and to resonate with so many people and so many different projects: from civil society, technical community, to academia, business, political parties, and other policy makers around the world.

Throughout the year we worked on several issues: refugees and migrants, data governance and emerging technologies, and the environment, which were discussed at local and regional meetings such as the EuroDIG. Last week at the IGF2019 we held our annual IRPC meeting, which included the breakout session “Internet Futures and the Climate Crisis - Paths to Sustainability or Extinction?”<https://sched.co/SU3a> and the launch of the French edition of the Charter  translated by SC member Rigobert Kenmogne and supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM). We also held  Workshop #282 Data Governance by AI: Putting Human Rights at Risk?<https://sched.co/SU22> in partnership with Amnesty International and participated in the Dynamic Coalitions' Main Session, “Joint Efforts to achieve the SDGs” <https://sched.co/SU44>  Both the IRPC meeting and the workshop were very well attended with many participants asking to continue the discussions. On the environment session more particularly, many young people are willing to join us, and to work with us to put the issue in the main Internet Governance agendas. Representatives of the European Parliament and national governments also showed interest in advancing IRPC Charter’s Article 4. “Development through the Internet and in particular clause b on “Environmental Sustainability”.

Continuing our work on a regional level, our SC member Rigobert will be hosting a workshop on the Charter in a couple of weeks in Yaoundé. We wish him the best, and if anyone would like to be more involved or support this workshop, please feel free to let us know here, or via our info at irpcharter.org<mailto:info at irpcharter.org>

Finally, as my co-chair mandate is coming to an end, I would like to thank you all for all your support and for two inspiring, challenging and insightful years. A lot has been achieved since the Charter was first drafted and published, but still so much to be done! The translations continue (the Italian should be ready by mid-2020), the outreach effort is never-ending, and as the online environment gets more and more complex and we work to connect the next billion, this document and all the work of the Coalition around it is ever more pertinent and necessary.

The SC election process is about to start, and I hope that some of you will be inspired to step up to join the Steering Committee and to lead the Coalition, and that this list will continue to be a space for discussion and advancement of the Human Rights and Principles for the Internet.

Best wishes,


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