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Well done Minda and all.

On Tue, 3 Dec 2019, 8:12 pm Hanane Boujemi, <simsima25 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Minda,
> It was great seeing in Berlin and THANK YOU for all the great work and
> achievements of IRPC under your leadership. Congratulations and I am
> looking forward the opportunity to collaborate with you again.
> Best regards
> Hanane Boujemi
> On Tue, 3 Dec 2019 at 18:28, Internet Rights and Principles Coalition <
> info at irpcharter.org> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I hope that you enjoyed the IGF last week either on site in Berlin, or
>> following remotely.
>> On behalf of the IRPC Steering Committee I would like to thank you all
>> for your work and for supporting the outreach efforts of the Coalition. It
>> was privilege to talk to so many Coalition members and supporters, and some
>> of you who have been involved since the start of the IRPC and the first
>> drafting of the Charter.
>> The IRPC booth was a great success, and it was very inspiring to see how
>> the Charter is being used all over the world, and how it continues to
>> inspire and to resonate with so many people and so many different projects:
>> from civil society, technical community, to academia, business,
>> political parties, and other policy makers around the world.
>> Throughout the year we worked on several issues: refugees and migrants,
>> data governance and emerging technologies, and the environment, which were
>> discussed at local and regional meetings such as the EuroDIG. Last week at
>> the IGF2019 we held our annual IRPC meeting, which included the breakout
>> session “Internet Futures and the Climate Crisis - Paths to
>> Sustainability or Extinction?” <https://sched.co/SU3a> and the launch of
>> the French edition of the Charter  translated by SC member Rigobert
>> Kenmogne and supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Communications
>> (OFCOM). We also held  Workshop #282 Data Governance by AI: Putting
>> Human Rights at Risk? <https://sched.co/SU22> in partnership with
>> Amnesty International and participated in the Dynamic Coalitions' Main
>> Session, “Joint Efforts to achieve the SDGs”  <https://sched.co/SU44>
>> Both the IRPC meeting and the workshop were very well attended with many
>> participants asking to continue the discussions. On the environment session
>> more particularly, many young people are willing to join us, and to work
>> with us to put the issue in the main Internet Governance agendas.
>> Representatives of the European Parliament and national governments also
>> showed interest in advancing IRPC Charter’s Article 4. “Development through
>> the Internet and in particular clause b on “Environmental Sustainability”.
>> Continuing our work on a regional level, our SC member Rigobert will be
>> hosting a workshop on the Charter in a couple of weeks in Yaoundé. We
>> wish him the best, and if anyone would like to be more involved or support
>> this workshop, please feel free to let us know here, or via our
>> info at irpcharter.org
>> Finally, as my co-chair mandate is coming to an end, I would like to
>> thank you all for all your support and for two inspiring, challenging and
>> insightful years. A lot has been achieved since the Charter was first
>> drafted and published, but still so much to be done! The translations
>> continue (the Italian should be ready by mid-2020), the outreach effort is
>> never-ending, and as the online environment gets more and more complex and
>> we work to connect the next billion, this document and all the work of the
>> Coalition around it is ever more pertinent and necessary.
>> The SC election process is about to start, and I hope that some of you
>> will be inspired to step up to join the Steering Committee and to lead the
>> Coalition, and that this list will continue to be a space for discussion
>> and advancement of the Human Rights and Principles for the Internet.
>> Best wishes,
>> Minda
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