[IRPCoalition] IRPC Elections 2018-2020 - Results

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Fri Mar 2 12:38:52 EET 2018

Dear all
Thank you to those who participated in our SC elections by taking part
in the poll.

Polling is now closed and we can now confirm Minda Moreira as incoming
co-Chair (2018-2020) and Robert Bodle as ongoing SC member (2018-2020)

We have 378 members on the listserv. 34 took part in the election which
is slightly under the 10% threshold.

With these figures in mind, the results are as below

Co-Chair: Minda Moreira
97.06% - Yes
2.94% - No Comment

SC Member: Robert Bodle
97.06% - Yes
2.94% - No

Congratulations Minda and Robert.

Our current SC is now

Minda Moreira Co-Chair (2017/18-2019/2020)
Marianne Franklin: Co-Chair (2016/17-2019/2020)
Hanane Boujemi - SC member (2017/18-2019/2020
Robert Bodole - SC member (2017/18-2019/2020)
Sahaj Shrestha - SC member (2016/17-2018/2019)
Catherine Easton - SC member (2016/17-2018/2019)

Dates above refer to the start of the final calendar year as elections
take place at the end of the previous calendar year, depending on when
the IGF Annual Meeting takes place.

Best wishes

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