[IRPCoalition] IRPC 'Your 31st (Decentralized) Right' Workshop proposal and introducing themselves.....

Lee W McKnight lmcknigh at syr.edu
Mon Jun 11 23:24:24 EEST 2018

Hi fellow IRPC members,

First, thanks to the IRPC steering committee for enabling the workshop proposal ' Your 31st (Decentralized) Right' to be proposed (along with IGC) for MAG consideration for possible inclusion in the agenda of the 2018 IGF.

Second, fyi Hu-manity.co will be issuing a Press Release tomorrow - vetted by myself and IRPC steering committee - about the proposed '31st' workshop.

Third, Richie Etwaru and Michael DePalma are co-founders of Hu-manity.co and could be among the speakers should the workshop proposal be accepted. They have joined the IRPC list recently; gentlemen, please introduce yourselves to your fellow IRPCers.



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