[IRPCoalition] Global Commission call for research proposals - deadline 19 Jan

Marilia Maciel mariliamaciel at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 10:46:33 EET 2018

Dear all,

Apologies for any cross-posting. The Global Commission on the Stability of
Cyberspace (GCSC) <https://cyberstability.org> launched its second request
for research proposals
<https://cyberstability.org/news/gcsc-request-for-proposals/> (RFP) on the
following 4 topics:

   1. Adaptations to Enhance the Stability of Cyberspace;
   2. Impact of Technological Developments;
   3. Beyond the UN GGE;
   4. Defining Offensive Cyber Capabilities.

More details about modalities, how to apply and financial compensation can
be found in the RFP
<https://cyberstability.org/news/gcsc-request-for-proposals/>. However, if
you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me. The
deadline for applications is *January 19. *

The GCSC aims to foster the development of norms and policy coherence that
will strengthen the security and stability of cyberspace. In November, the
GCSC issued a call <https://cyberstability.org/research/call-to-protect/>
to all stakeholders to protect the public core of the Internet,
safeguarding the general availability and integrity of the Internet.

In addition, the GCSC has 4 research advisory groups, organised in mailing
lists <https://cyberstability.org/about/> open to the participation of all
interested. These lists are dedicated to discuss legal, technical and
governance aspects that concern the stability of cyberspace. Newcomers are
more than welcome.

All the best regards,

Research Deputy Chair of the Advisory Group on Internet Governance
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