[IRPCoalition] Unesco consultation on indicators for internet universality - Your chance to contribute

Valeria Betancourt valeriab at apc.org
Fri Sep 1 21:44:27 EEST 2017

Dear all,

As you might have heard, UNESCO has launched a programme of work earlier
this year to develop indicators for Internet Universality.   

UNESCO's Internet Universality framework is built around four core 
themes in Internet development, which are concerned with Rights, 
Openness, Access and Multistakeholder Participation (the R-O-A-M 
principles).  The indicators which are to be developed will be used to
assess progress towards an Internet which is consistent with the 
R-O-A-M principles at national and international levels.

Work to develop the indicators is being led by the Association for
Progressive Communications, together with research partners from 
Africa, Asia and Latin America (Research ICT Africa, LIRNEasia and
DIRSI). Particular attention is being paid, within the R-O-A-M
framework, to  indicators concerned with gender inclusion and the
inclusion of  children and young people.

UNESCO, APC and its partners are keen to ensure that as many
stakeholders as possible contribute to the development of these
indicators.  Stakeholder contributions are vital to ensuring that the
indicators meet the needs  and concerns of the whole Internet community.

We are writing to you now to encourage you to complete and questionnaire
and contribute your views to help achieve this goal.

A questionnaire inviting contributions to the project can be found in
six languages at the following websites:

Arabic: https://ar.unesco.org/internetuniversality
Chinese: https://zh.unesco.org/feedback/diao-cha-wen-juan
English: https://en.unesco.org/internetuniversality
French: https://fr.unesco.org/internetuniversality
Russian: https://ru.unesco.org/internetuniversality
Spanish: https://es.unesco.org/internetuniversality

As well as contributing yourselves to this consultation, we would be
very grateful if you could circulate this email within your networks,
and encourage your member-organisations and supporters to contribute
their views as well. That will  help to ensure that the indicator
framework which emerges will be of greater value to all members of the
Internet community.

If you do circulate to your networks, it would be really helpful if you
could let us know that you have done so.

The closing date for contributions is 31 October, but it would be really
helpful to receive inputs well before that date!

Many thanks for your help.  We look forward to reading your inputs and
those from your networks.

Best regards,


Valeria Betancourt
Directora / Manager
Programa de Políticas de Information y Comunicación / Communication and
Information Policy Programme
Asociación para el Progreso de las Comunicaciones / Association for
Progressive Communications, APC

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