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Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk
Tue Jan 31 13:36:34 EET 2017


For anyone who took part in, or attended a lightening session or part of
the unconference program at IGF2016, would be great to respond to this
survey. It will take literally one minute as it is (mercifully) short.

best wishes





Dear All,

If you have not yet filled out the *feedback form on the IGF lightning
sessions (as well as unconference)*, we very much encourage you to do
so! Form here:

This will help build support for the sessions next year!

Thanks again,



From:        Eleonora Anna MAZZUCCHI/UNOG/GVA/UNO
To:        Eleonora Anna MAZZUCCHI/UNOG/GVA/UNO at UNGVA
Cc:        Miguel Ignacio Estrada <miestrada at gmail.com>, Brian Clarke
Date:        06/01/2017 18:39
Subject:        Details on Lightning & Unconference Sessions Now on IGF

Dear All,

*A Very Happy New Year from the IGF Secretariat!*

We're pleased to announce that there is now a *dedicated page*
the IGF website for the *new, experimental session types - lightning and
unconference - that took place at IGF 2016. *As new session organizers
and presenters, we would encourage you all to take a look and please let
the Secretariat know if all information is accurate.

In addition, you will notice on the page that we have started to
*solicit feedback*
the new session formats in order to better organize for next year, and
to help gauge interest/demand for the sessions. If you have a moment, we
would be grateful if you would consider filling out the *feedback form*

*Your input would be incredibly valuable to us. *

We hope you stay in touch throughout the year, and as always, please
feel free to come to us with any questions!

Best wishes,

IGF Secretariat

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