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This is unrelated, however i've been thinking deeply about means for
meaningful progress and have considered the merits of a short form human
dignity Charter for the connected world to feature many of the more
important considerations.

The issues extend from not simply the use of the online domain but also the
use of computerised systems in a manner that may erroneous record
statements about a person that they may not be aware exists and how online/
computerised systems impact the life and dignity of humans which in-turn
impacts our means for progress towards enshrining the importance to
preserve the diversity and other qualities of our natural world.

I am interested to hear the thoughts of others on this idea.   I have
always been a person who has very much cared and advocated for the UDHR,
CRC and other related documents.  Yet devices know where we are for
commercial purposes. Databases store data about us and the owners of those
databases claim privacy rights.  Huma. Dignity is considered in the first
article of the UDHR.

Dignity is also very much a Human concept (less considerate of "persona
ficta") incorporating other considerations therein with regard to the
special protections the natural world and those in it deserve.


On Wed., 18 Jan. 2017, 11:25 pm Marianne Franklin, <m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk>

> Dear IRPC members
> For those who were in Guadalajara, in meatspace or online, would be great
> to hear thoughts and impressions for the annual stocktaking, particularly
> any feedback on the new session types.
> On the latter, as a lightening session co-organizer, I for one would like
> to support the continuation of these innovative, and spontaneous formats
> during the conference. They take the cue from best practice in the EuroDIG
> meetings and have gone some way in adapting these shorter sessions for the
> IGF setting.
> best
> MF
> Dear All,
> ·        The Secretariat would like to kindly remind all IGF stakeholders
> that they are invited to contribute to the *IGF's annual stocktaking,*
> <http://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/igf-community-public-consultation-call-for-inputs-taking-stock-of-the-2016-work-program-and>
> by submitting inputs on the following questions:
> A) Taking Stock of 2016 programming, preparatory process, community
> intersessional activities and the 11th annual IGF: What worked well? What
> worked not so well?
> B) Suggestions for improvements in 2017? (programming, preparatory
> processes, community intersessional activities and improvements for 12th
> annual meeting)
> All inputs should be sent to *takingstock at intgovforum.org
> <takingstock at intgovforum.org>* by *22 January 2017. *Please limit your
> submissions to no more than 4 pages single-spaced in MS Word, PDF or
> applicable format. Submissions will be uploaded to the IGF website.
> ·        In addition, all are invited to give their feedback on the *new
> session types - lightning or unconference -*
> <http://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/igf-2016-new-session-formats>
> held for the first time at the 11th IGF.
> If you participated in one of these new sessions (or are simply interested
> in new session formats!), please let the Secretariat know what you thought
> in the feedback form here:
> *https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/igf-2016-new-session-formats-feedback-form*
> <https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/igf-2016-new-session-formats-feedback-form>
> The Secretariat will produce a synthesis paper of all contributions
> received by the deadline, which will serve as an input to the 1st
> face-to-face Open Consultations and MAG Meeting of the 2017 IGF preparatory
> process.
> Please do pass this on to your colleagues and fellow IGF participants!
> With warm wishes for the new year,
> IGF Secretariat Team
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