[IRPCoalition] Fwd: Request for CDMSI comments on CPLRE rec on Open data for better public services / demande d'observations du CDMSI sur une rec du CPLRE sur Le libre acces aux données

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Mon Apr 24 01:33:33 EEST 2017


_Subject_: Request for CDMSI comments on Recommendation 398 (2017) of
the Congress / Demande de commentaires du CDMSI sur la recommandation
398 (2017) du Congrès


Dear CDMSI members, observers and participants,


At its 1284th meeting on 19 April 2017, the Committee of Ministers
decided to communicate to the CDMSI for information and possible
comments, by *31 May 2017, *Recommendation 398 (2017) – “Open data for
better public services” adopted at the 32nd Plenary Session of the
Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe
(Strasbourg, 28-30 March 2017).

* *

In order to meet the deadline the Secretariat proposes the following steps:


-          by *2 May: *CDMSI members provide comments on the
Recommendation to the Secretariat;

-          by *9 May: *the**Secretariat prepares draft CDMSI comments;

-          on *11 May*: discussion of draft CDMSI comments at the
CDMSI-Bureau meeting*;*

-          by *16 May*: the Secretariat sends the draft as proposed by
the Bureau to the whole of the CDMSI for approval by e-mail by *29 May*.


Recommendation 398 (2017) – “Open data for better public services”



Please send all your comments to _Elena.Lopatina at coe.int
<mailto:Elena.Lopatina at coe.int>_, copy Anne.Boyer-donnard at coe.int
<mailto:Anne.Boyer-donnard at coe.int>.


We are looking forward to your reply.


Kind regards




/Chers membres, observateurs et participants du CDMSI/

/ /

/Lors de sa 1284è réunion, le 19 avril 2017, le Comité des Ministres a
décidé de communiquer au CDMSI pour information et éventuels
commentaires à formuler au plus tard *le 31 mai 2017*, la Recommandation
398 (2017) – «Le libre accès aux données = amélioration des services
publics» adopté lors de la 32e Session plénière du Congrès des pouvoirs
locaux et régionaux du Conseil de l'Europe (Strasbourg, 28-30 mars 2017)./

/ /

/Afin de pouvoir répondre au Comité des Ministres à la date impartie, le
secrétariat vous propose les étapes suivantes:/

/ /

/- au plus tard *le 2 mai*:**le CDMSI envoi des observations concernant
la recommandation au secrétariat;/

/- au plus tard *le* *9 mai*: le secrétariat prépare le projet
d’observations du CDMSI;**/

*/- le 11 mai/*/:**discussion du projet à la réunion du Bureau du CDMSI;/

/- au plus tard *le* *16 mai*: le secrétariat envoi le projet tel que
proposé par le Bureau à l’ensemble du CDMSI pour approbation par
courriel au plus tard *le 29 mai*./


/Recommandation 398 (2017) - Le libre accès aux données = amélioration
des services publics**/


/ /

/Merci d’envoyer vos observations à _Elena.Lopatina at coe.int
<mailto:Elena.Lopatina at coe.int>_, copie Anne.Boyer-Donnard at coe.int
<mailto:Anne.Boyer-Donnard at coe.int>./

/ /

/Dans l’attente de vos commentaires,/

/ /

/Sincères salutations/





*From:*GRUNDMANN Silvia
*Sent:* mardi 11 avril 2017 17:13
*To:* LOPATINA Elena
*Subject:* FW: URGENT - CM/Notes/1284/12.1 - Texts adopted at the 32nd
plenary session of the Congress (Strasbourg, 28-30 March 2017) – Adopted




Dear Elena,


As just discussed here is another request for CDMSI comments. Please
work out the calendar as we have just agreed, with 11 May for Bureau
discussion, 2 May for CDMSI comments. 9 May afternoon for my visa.


Charlotte and Urska for info.


Dear Anne,


I am afraid we will have to put it on the Bureau annotated agenda under
8.2 Committee of Ministers. I will let Marta know.






*From:*LAWRENCE Martine
*Sent:* mardi 11 avril 2017 15:11
Marja; KAFTANCI Can; MARKERT Thomas; DE SALAS Alfonso; GUTZKOW Jutta;
*Cc:* WETZEL Nathalie; KERN Benedicte; VARINOT Catherine; ANDERSON
Katherine; BRIBOSIA Denis; SCHUHLER Corinne; POIREL Christophe;
Kamoljit; GAVRILOVIC Corinne; ASANTE Margaret; GREGG Sarah;
*Subject:* URGENT - CM/Notes/1284/12.1 - Texts adopted at the 32nd
plenary session of the Congress (Strasbourg, 28-30 March 2017) – Adopted


Good afternoon,


Please find attached draft Notes on the Agenda for the 1284^th meeting
of the Ministers’ Deputies concerning the texts adopted at the last
plenary Session of the Congress.


We would be grateful for any comments you may have by *tomorrow*,
*Wednesday, 12 April  at 5 pm, *in order to distribute this document in
advance of the meeting.


If we have not received any comments by the aforementioned date, we can
assume that you are in agreement with the contents of the Notes.


With kind regards,


/Martine Lawrence / Secrétariat du Comité des Ministres/

/Tél : / mail :_martine.lawrence at coe.int_/

*P****/Afin de contribuer au respect de l'environnement, merci de
n'imprimer ce message qu'en cas de nécessité./*

*/Be environmentally friendly: do not print this email unless it is
entirely necessary./*

/_ _/



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