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Dear friends and colleagues,

After 3 years at Public Knowledge and over a decade in civil society and
academia, I decided it was time for a change. So, I've recently accepted an
offer to join the Global Connectivity Policy team at Facebook, here in DC.
I’ll be working on an expanding team alongside Monica Desai, Robert Pepper,
Kevin Martin and other amazing professionals. I will be working on issues
like open spectrum, OTT, net neutrality, open hardware and more. I hope you
will all continue to engage with me and, when necessary, criticize me in a
collegial manner ;-)

I will remain active in these conversations in my new role, and plan to
keep most of the advisory board positions I have now. I can assure you my
interest in civil society and the public interest remains strong, and I
want to thank you all for the collaboration and trust over the years and I
hope that sentiment will still prevail in our work moving forward. I also
want to thank Gene for all the mentorship and friendship over the years. He
is a force for good in our community.

I am sorry I could not talk face to face to many of you as I wanted, but we
need to keep things moving. *Thus, I also want to share with you the newly
open position at PK for an international spot.* I loved my time at PK, and
this role would be a wonderful opportunity for many of you. If you have any
questions, just follow-up on the email there listed or directly with Gene.

Moving forward, you can use this email for contact. My PK email will be
terminated on November 1st.



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