[IRPCoalition] Fwd: EuroDIG - Registration is closing on 31 May - Dont miss it!

Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk
Mon May 30 11:21:26 EEST 2016

Dear all

A quick update on the two workshops under the theme "Confronting the 
Digital Divide" that IRPC has been working on for the upcoming EuroDIG 
next week: Workshop 2 
(co-organized with the IFLA) and WS 10 
with the Greens/Pirate Party MEP group) are now live on the EuroDIG 
Wikipages. Both are promising to be very rich, and groundbreaking open 

If any of you are in Brussels, who are considering attending the EuroDIG 
then tomorrow is the last day to register.

Remote participation is possible so if you cannot make it in person, do 
join us for either or both of these workshops live. Or failing that, all 
are welcome to participate in the Discussions via the Wiki pages linked 
in above; as you can see the many from the wider org.team have already 
been very engaged with points for discussion.

These two sessions will provide us all with an opportunity to make some 
headway in unpacking a number of other areas where human rights and 
internet governance are intertwined 
e.g. how dealing with structural, and cultural obstacles to ensuring 
full access for minorities (WS 2) and for refugees/newcomers (WS 10) to 
all the services the majority of internet users in Europe take for 
granted are integral to moving the agenda for the full spectrum of human 
rights frameworks for the future of the internet's  "good governance".

Best wishes


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*      Brussels, 9-10 June 2016**//**//**Info letter no. 5/16***

    The next EuroDIG is just around the corner and we are looking
    forward to welcoming you in Brussels for a fruitful exchange about //

    /“Embracing the digital (r)evolution”/

●*Registration is closing on 31 May 2016*

Please register <http://www.eurodig.org/eurodig-2016/registration/>now! 
It is free of charge and open for everyone, but mandatory due to 
security reasons. You can collect your badge from 12.30, on 8 June at 
the Square conference centre and must present an ID card or passport. 
When entering the conference centre your luggage will be checked and it 
will not be possible to bring in trolleys. There will be a storage room 
close to the registration area. Details for the welcome cocktail which 
is kindly sponsored by Google will be sent to registered participants 
after 31 May 2016.

●*Prepare your statement for the opening session!*

We would like to hear your opinion first! Therefore the opening session 
will be a moderated open mic session without any panel. We encourage 
everyone to prepare a 2 min statement related to the overarching theme. 
We would like to hear what are your expectations, thoughts or concerns 
about the digital (r)evolution.

●*Who is participating?*

Besides you we are expecting some very interesting participants. Just to 
mention some of them: Andrus Ansip, Guillermo Beltrà, Katy Brown, Mario 
Campolargo, Fadi Chehade, Alexander De Croo, Thorbjørn Jagland, Marina 
Kaljurand, Ross LaJeunesse, Frank La Rue, Göran Marby, Chengetai 
Masango, Joe McNamee, Günther Oettinger, Megan Richards, Roberto Viola, 
Marc van Wesemael, Wojciech Wiewiórowski and of course Members of the 
European Parliament.

●*What is in it for me?*

Org teams worked hard in the last couple of weeks to organise an 
interactive and high level session for you. Human rights in the context 
of economic development will be the focus of this year’s EuroDIG and is 
a result of the call for issues. But we will also look into some special 
topics like fragmentation of the Internet, the development of the 
Internet governance ecosystem, cyber security, the IANA transition and 
many more…

Check the whole programme 
<http://www.eurodig.org/eurodig-2016/programme/>andpractise your voice:

“Knowing me, knowing you ….“

Get ready for the best seventies disco in town on 9 June 2016!*\o/*

Subscribe / unsubscribe for the newsletter here 
<http://www.eurodig.org/about/newsletter/>or follow us on twitter @_eurodig!


*European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG)*

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