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/Apologies for cross-posting./

This week over 30 organizations from around the world have joined forces 
to launch a new campaign to Stop Stingray Surveillance 
<https://stopstingrays.org>. These cell phone surveillance technologies 
are being used globally to invade our privacy, and it's time to hold law 
enforcement agencies accountable for their use.

*Check out the campaign at https://stopstingrays.org.*

Thanks to everyone who has already signed on!
And it's not too late for more to join! This is only the start, and we'd 
love to continue to gather support as we grow. If your organization is 
interested in joining the campaign, please email me at 
laura at openmedia.org <mailto:laura at openmedia.org>, or fill out this form 

Finally, if you have examples of where Stingrays are in use, we'd love 
to hear from you. We're collecting them here 
to ensure we can keep the campaign up to date.

Thanks so much,

p.s. If you are are at RightsCon, let's meet up! Email me or find me on 
Twitter @ltribe

*Laura Tribe
Digital Rights Specialist, OpenMedia
laura at openmedia.org <mailto:laura at openmedia.org> | 1-888-441-2640 ext. 2 
PGP: 5975 A7D9 D2B8 61A1 6A5F  F3A9 D468 6275 8475 1BAF

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