[IRPCoalition] The IRPC at the IGF 2016 - Meeting and Roundtable with Amnesty International Day 2 (7 Dec), DC Main Session and Lightning Session Day 3 (8 Dec)

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Dear all,

Following my previous email below, I would like to confirm 13.50 is the new scheduled time for the IRPC's Lightning Session:"Human Rights Online - What has Internet Governance got to do with Refugees?" on Thursday 8 December.

The IRPC is also looking for a rapporteur to cover the Lightning Session and the IRPC Meeting on Wednesday 7 December, 10.45.

If any of you attending would like to help us by taking the rapporteur role, please let me know as soon possible.

Many thanks and safe travels,


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Subject: [IRPCoalition] The IRPC at the IGF 2016 - Meeting and Roundtable with Amnesty International Day 2 (7 Dec), DC Main Session and Lightning Session Day 3 (8 Dec)

Dear all,

The Internet Rights and Principles Coalition will be in Guadalajara for the IGF 2016 next week.

Whether you are in Mexico or participating remotely, please come and join us!

The IRPC Meeting is on Wednesday 7 December at 10.45. The first half of the meeting will be a roundtable discussion co-organised by Amnesty International and the second half will be the IRPC's Annual General Meeting. (See calendar link and  details on the roundtable discussion below).

On the DCs Main Session on Thursday 8 December, 15.00  the IRPC will be presenting the Charter Study Guide - a very interesting  and important project developed by Syracuse University students in collaboration with the IRPC - for discussion and feedback.

Finally, and also on Thursday 8 December, we will be hosting a Lightning Session on Human Rights and Minorities. I will get back with more details on this 20-minute panel as soon as we have the new time slot confirmed.


Roundtable Discussion:

IRPC with Amnesty International

"When death threats go viral: defending human rights in the face of orchestrated harassment campaign on social media"

The panel will be covering issues such as cyber harassment and other emerging forms of censorship, focusing particularly on the very concerning trend in Mexico, which is also emerging in other countries around the world. The panel will discuss how online service providers, regulators and civil society can manage these threats to ensure the protection of human rights online.


  *   Tanya O'Carroll, Amnesty International
  *   Hanane Boujemi, IRPC
  *   Paulina Gutierrez, Article 19
  *   Amalia Toledo, Karisma Foundation
  *   Twitter Representative, TBC
  *   Marcel Leonardi, Google


  *   Marianne Franklin

Remote Moderator:

  *   Hanane Boujemi


#netrights, #IGF2016

Sched link:


IGF 2016: Enabling Inclusive and Sustainable Growth: DC on Internet Rights and Principles<http://sched.co/8htr>
View more about this event at IGF 2016: Enabling Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

Very best and see you all in Mexico

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