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Anriette Esterhuysen anriette at apc.org
Tue Sep 22 16:46:03 EEST 2015

Sharing some belated feedback with Carolina on her paper. Carolina, at
the African School on IG this year (www.afrisig.org) the participants
had to do a practicum on zero rating.

We shared lots of resources, including your paper, and they really found
your paper very useful!



On 28/07/2015 22:34, Mishi Choudhary wrote:
> Thanks for this work Carol! Will read and revert with questions, if any.
> It comes at an opportune time.
> On 07/28/2015 04:26 PM, Carolina Rossini wrote:
>> https://www.publicknowledge.org/press-release/public-knowledge-publishes-net-neutrality-paper-investigating-zero-rating-practices
>> Public Knowledge Publishes Net Neutrality Paper Investigating Zero-Rating
>> Practices
>> By Shiva Stella <https://www.publicknowledge.org/author/shiva-stella>
>> July 28, 2015
>> Net Neutrality <https://www.publicknowledge.org/tag/Net+Neutrality>, Zero
>> Rating <https://www.publicknowledge.org/tag/Zero+Rating>
>> [image: img]
>> Today, we’re happy to announce our newest working-paper, Exploring
>> Zero-Rating Challenges: Views from Five Countries
>> <https://www.publicknowledge.org/documents/exploring-zero-rating-challenges-views-from-five-countries>,
>> by Carolina Rossini, Vice President of International Policy at Public
>> Knowledge and Taylor Moore, our 2015 Google Policy Fellow. This paper
>> examines zero-rating practices on a global scale, focusing on their effects
>> in five countries to add to the growing international net neutrality debate.
>> The following can be attributed to Carolina Rossini, Vice President of
>> International Policy at Public Knowledge:
>> “The zero-rating debate is one of the toughest issues out there, and has
>> called into question various issues related to net neutrality and
>> competition policy. Countries have changed their clear-cut laws to
>> accommodate some practices. These zero-rating models include a variety of
>> goals, ranging from marketing to adding more clients to your network to
>> providing public services related information to connecting more people to
>> the Internet. However, we need to get past the rhetoric of good intentions
>> and look at the facts to inform policymakers. This is necessary so we can
>> foster innovation and promote the public interest as we move forward with
>> strong net neutrality rules around the globe.”
>> The following can be attributed to Taylor Moore, Google Policy Fellow at
>> Public Knowledge:
>> “Admittedly, before the case studies I was unaware of the global
>> significance of these issues. However, its significance and multifaceted
>> nature are illustrated by the variation in each country's response to net
>> neutrality and zero-rating. I think that these case studies will not only
>> contribute to the ongoing debate of these subjects, but will also aid in
>> future formulations of policy considerations. Going forward, I think that
>> Public Knowledge’s approach of analyzing the global response will be
>> beneficial.”
>> You may view this paper here
>> <https://www.publicknowledge.org/documents/exploring-zero-rating-challenges-views-from-five-countries>
>> .
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