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Lee W McKnight lmcknigh at syr.edu
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I second Kevin Risser's self-nomination for a position on the IRPC Steering Committee.

I elaborate below why I have confidence Kevin would be a significant contributor to the Steering Committee if afforded this opportunity.

My confidence that Kevin would rise to the challenge of molding a dozen undergraduate students into an effective team establishing and operating the SU IGF 2015 Remote Hub was well placed. This required Kevin to coordinate with SUs Law School, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, and my iSchool (School of Information Studies) as well as IRPC to enable the students this experiential learning opportunity.  Special credit to IRPC's Marianne Franklin and Robert Bodle for taking the chance.

I initially became acquainted with Kevin as a student in my Information Security Policy/Cybersecurity Law and Policy course, which is cross-listed and co-taught by myself and Law Professor William Snyder. Kevin has the combination of education and experience along with policy savvy and perspective his academic training and eg his Brookings internship helped him develop.

In addition to his own and the students contributions to the 2015 IGF and especially the soon-to-be-submitted first draft of the Study Guide to the Charter, Kevin has been doing some interesting work on the Right to be Forgotten and its potential broader applications.

As possibly the first of his generation to serve on the Steering Committee, Kevin I believe could be an effective liaison and perform outreach to engage with students elsewhere worldwide who may join in the effort, for example by contributing to a second draft to the Study Guide to take it beyond where my students can get it this semester.

In sum, Kevin has proven himself as an effective contributor to the IRPC already and could help especially in a possible 'Digital Native' outreach initiative in the run-up to IGF 2016, helping students elsewhere similarly self-manage remote hubs as he did this year for SU. (OK, I helped a little, but really the students did all the work - as they should : ).


Lee McKnight

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Dear IRPC Community,

My name is Kevin Risser, I'm a graduate student at Syracuse University and I'm submitting a self nomination to the IRPC Steering Committee. Below I have included some background information on myself and how I have interacted with the IRPC.

I'm pursuing a Master of Public Administration at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, with a focus on technology and information management. My research interests include the regulation of the Internet of Things (IoT), Internet regulation and international relations, as well as the impact of regulation on younger generations of Internet users. Prior to graduate school, I studied information systems and global politics at Arizona State University. As a digital native, I believe that I can bring a unique perspective to the Coalition and contribute specifically on issues of importance to younger generations of Internet users. For the 2015 Internet Governance Forum, I coordinated a remote hub at Syracuse University with students and faculty from the School of Information Studies and the College of Law. Myself and the other students involved with the remote hub were able to contribute input on the Charter in preparation for the IGF, which provided valuable insight into IGF processes and a better understanding of the Charter. Coordinating the remote hub was a great experience in working with the IGF community, and one I hope to continue. While I am new to the IRPC and IGF community, I’m very passionate about the recognition of human rights online, in order to preserve and unlock the social and political potential of the Internet for users in every region of the world.

As a member of the Steering Committee, I would work to specifically engage the digital native community in the promotion and understanding of the of the IRPC Charter. The youth demographic is greatly underrepresented in the Internet governance process, despite being the community in which, for many regions, Internet usage is ubiquitous. I believe that targeting this community is critical to the continued success and development of the IRPC. I’m currently managing the creation of a "study guide” of the IRPC Charter, in coordination with undergraduate students at Syracuse University. This study guide will hopefully serve as an educational resource in academic settings, as well as for the general public, in order to enable a broader audience to provide input or feedback on the IRPC Charter. This would also be an opportunity to engage with a larger portion of the digital native community by working with other universities and students to revise the study guide periodically to keep it current with new legal and policy developments.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to continued participation in the IRPC and Internet governance community. Please feel free to contact me at karisser at syr.edu<http://karisser@syr.edu> or engage with me on Twitter (@kevrisser<https://twitter.com/kevrisser>).


Kevin Risser

Kevin Risser

MPA Candidate '16

Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
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