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Useful for all attendees at the IGF in Joao Pessoa. Thank you to the 
team who assembled this information below.

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Dear friends and colleagues,

The IGF Summary Report 
<http://digitalwatch.giplatform.org/sites/default/files/IGFReportWEB.pdf> is 

With a time-distance of only 2 weekend days, the Report should help you 
put numerous discussions in a broader context.

The IGF Report provides layered reporting from a general overview, which 
you are reading now, to detailed summaries which you can follow via 
links on GIP Digital Watch 
<http://digitalwatch.giplatform.org/events/igf-brazil-2015> and, on the 
third layer, primary source materials including session transcripts, 
tweets, and data sources.

In this way GIP Digital Watch <http://digitalwatch.giplatform.org/>, in 
partnership with the Internet Society and DiploFoundation contributes to 
evidence-based policy making and future developments of the IGF.

As always, your comments and support for our efforts will be welcome.

With best regards,

Ginger (Virginia) Paque

/DiploFoundation upcoming online 


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