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Dear all

FYI from Joao Pessoa.... relevant to the IGF at large and all DCs within 

More news from the ground during the week, and from @netrights, 
#netrights #IGF2015

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Meeting at IGF2015
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Dear all,

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the *Joao Pessao WSIS+10 
Review Civil Society Strategy Meeting tomorrow, from 2-6 pm, at the Joao 
Pessao 2015 IGF venue. *

This event is coorganised by the Association for Progressive 
Communications, the International Federation of Library Associations and 
Institutions, in collaboration with the Center for Technology and 
Society of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (CTS-FGV), Center for Democracy 
and Technology, Coding Rights, Global Partners Digital, Kickanet and 
Public Knowledge.

As you all know, in December 2015, a WSIS+10 Overall Review High Level 
Meeting of the UN General Assembly will assess the progress made in 
implementing the WSIS outcome documents as well as decide on the way 
forward. As the 2015 IGF takes places only shortly before this meeting, 
it is an excellent opportunity for civil society to *take stock of where 
we are in the preparatory process, as well as to strategise about how we 
can make sure that civil society's main concerns are appropriately 
reflected in the final outcome document*.

Moreover, as the cofacilitators of the WSIS+10 Review process are 
present in Brazil, and as there is a main session on the WSIS+10 Review 
at the IGF as well, there are *opportunities for civil society to 
strenghten its voice in the process at the IGF as well*.

To make the most of all those opportunities and building on earlier 
similar regional and global civil society initiatives , we invite all 
civil society participants in the 2015 IGF to join us for a session that 

- update you on the process, the main issues at stake and the major 
faultlines between our governments
- share information from earlier regional and global civil society 
events on the WSIS+10 Review, and the extent to which inputs in the 
review process which were based on these events are reflected in the 
current draft outcome document
- outline the content of the latest draft, and where the main faultlines 
with civil society input lie
- provide an opportunity to jointly strategise on how to make sure that 
civil society priorities are strongly reflected in the WSIS+10 Review 
main session (building on the earlier experience at the NETmundial with 
similar formats)
- collectivitely strategise on the main messages that civil society 
wants to convey to the co-facilitators of the WSIS+10 Review process, 
Amb. Nusseibeh from the UAE and Amb. Mazeiks from Latvia.

Amb. Nusseibeh from the UAE will be joining the event part of the time. 
In addition, a civil society meeting with Amb. Mazeiks from Latvia has 
been scheduled for Wednesday morning, ensuring another opportunity to 
convey our messages.

For more information, please write to anja at internetdemocracy.in 
<mailto:anja at internetdemocracy.in> or deborah at apc.org 
<mailto:deborah at apc.org>.

We hope that many of you will be able to join us tomorrow afternoon!

With warm regards,

On behalf of the organisers,

Dr. Anja Kovacs
The Internet Democracy Project

+91 9899028053 | @anjakovacs
www.internetdemocracy.in <http://www.internetdemocracy.in/>

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