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Hi Juan Carlos,

You may be interested in the Costa Rican Congress , virtual personality
fundamental right constitutional amendment.


Best regards

Jaco Aizenman L.
Costa Rica
El 21/03/2015 13:19, "J.C. DE MARTIN" <demartin at polito.it> escribió:

> Dear All,
> If I am not mistaken, this list has not yet been informed about a fairly
> recent initiative of Italy's Chamber of Deputies that might interest you.
> In July 2014 the President of the Chamber, Hon. Laura Boldrini,
> established a study commission made of 10 MPs (one for each
> group) and 13 experts (I am one of them) [1].
> The chair of the Commission is prof. Stefano Rodotà,
> that some of you will remember (Tunis 2005 or Brazil 2007).
> The mandate for our Commission was to survey existing
> Internet Charters/Declarations (starting with IRPC Charter, of course)
> and to produce a draft Declaration of Internet Rights before of the end of
> Italy's Presidency of the European Union (31 Dec 2014).
> The political aim was to try to influence the Italian Government
> to take (or at least facilitate) action in this important area.
> While that political aim was not achieved (at least so far),
> the Chamber of Deputies indeed published a first draft of the
> Declaration in October 2014. Since then the draft
> has been undergoing a public consultation
> (see http://camera.civi.ci), which will end on March 31.
> You can find English, French and German translations
> of the draft Declaration, as well as a quite extensive
> press overview (also in English), here:
> http://nexa.polito.it/declaration-internet-rights
> Since October, the study Commission has been holding
> several official hearings: we heard from experts (some them
> foreigners, e.g., Frank La Rue), associations,
> the Chairs of Italy's independent Authorities, companies,
> members of Goverment, media, ecc.
> We are also in close contact with the Commission de réflexion
> sur le droit et les libertés à l’âge du numérique established in
> 2014 by France's Assemblée Nationale: in the coming days
> we will also hold a joint meeting via tele-conference.
> The main results of this initiative is that Italy has been discussing
> of Internet rights like never before: a remarkable result
> in and by itself, if you ask me.
> Next steps: process the contributions, produce
> a revised Declaration and, above all, contribute to the
> global Internet rights efforts, where our main asset
> will be the fact that we are an expression of a parliamentary
> institution.
> Particularly regarding this last point, your feedback and
> advice would be most useful.
> Many thanks,
> best regards,
> juan carlos de martin
> [1] http://www.camera.it/leg17/1177
> [2] http://www2.assemblee-nationale.fr/14/commissions/numerique
> prof. juan carlos de martin
> co-director / nexa center for internet & society
> politecnico di torino - italy
> http://nexa.polito.it
> office: +39 011 090 7217
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