[IRPCoalition] New IRPC Booklet editions @UNESCO Conference.

Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk
Mon Mar 2 23:39:09 EET 2015

Dear IRP'ers

A number of us are already in Paris as the UNESCO conference kicks off 

Just wanted to let you all know that three new editions of the IRPC 
Charter booklet will be available in printed form at the event; the full 
Spanish edition and the very first editions in Farsi and Mandarin.

All three editions are the outcome of extraordinary work over the last 
months; the Spanish edition being completed with people working from 
Argentina and Spain and about to be taken further as part of the second 
stage of an outreach and implementation project in Spain; 

Thanks to Veronica and Eduardo at CELE and to Miguel Perez Subias in Spain.

The other two editions in Farsi and Mandarin are currently as text-only. 
I have some photocopies of each with me in Paris and they will join the 
others to make up the seven language editions we now have of the IRPC 
Charter; all will be on display in Paris.

If anyone has an idea about how we can raise funds to format the Farsi 
and Chinese editions for further dissemination do let us know.

Thanks to Mani and Ali, and Long and Mei for their tireless work 
translating, and editing the Farsi and Chinese editions. Amazing work 
all of you. They will be up on the IRPC website shortly too.

FYI the event is being live streamed at 

See you there on the ground, or online :)

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