[IRPCoalition] FYI, technical issues for Yahoo email account-holders

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Wed Jul 22 15:17:48 EEST 2015

Dear all

A number of you will have received a notice from the IRPC list 
mailperson that your Yahoo, and possibly gmail accounts are no longer 
able to post on to the IRPC list without being bumped off.

This has to do with a new policy about phishing and spam. We are working 
on upgrading the list settings to avoid having a whole lot of IRPC 
members automatically removed, or refused from participating on the 
list. In the meantime, if you have another email account it might be an 
idea to register using that one

In technical terms, situation is as follows:

Basically the situation now is such that Yahoo users should not
send messages to the list at all. If they do, the message will
get delivered to many but not all on the list*and*  the sender
will get bumped off the list.

For the technically inclined, it might be good to give
this link for more details:

The main point is:

"DMARC is a standard developed as a technique to reduce email spam and
phishing. Unfortunately, it has negative consequences for mailing
lists, essentially breaking long established mailing list norms,
standards, and behaviors. Yahoo! recently began publishing a DMARC
policy for rejecting all messages that fail the signature tests, and
every mailing list with Yahoo! members started seeing bounces from
these members. This has caused the Mailman community of members, list
administrators, and developers enormous pain."

We are looking for ways to mitigate these negative effects as it has an impact on a large number of listservs.

If you want to use another email account from here on in, please go to

Thanks for your understanding

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