[IRPCoalition] Fwd: Request for comments on ICANN's CCWG Accountability draft proposal

Benedek, Wolfgang (wolfgang.benedek@uni-graz.at) wolfgang.benedek at uni-graz.at
Fri Dec 11 13:10:42 EET 2015

Dear all,

it might be of general interest that responding to a call from the
president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, the German minister
of justice, Heiko Maas, has presented a Charter of Digital Fundamental
Rights in the last issue of the magazine „Die Zeit“. It starts with the
right to access and has a lot on data protection, digital identity, right
to forget, and freedom of expression and information, but is not very

Maybe Matthias could give a summary.

And certainly we should engage in this debate and make at least our work
better known.

Best regards

Wolfgang Benedek

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>Dear IRP'ers
>An update on the human rights work at ICANN from Niels at Article 19,
>and request for input.
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>Dear all,
>I hope this email finds you well. Most of you have probably followed
>the discussions and progress on the transitioning of the oversight
>over ICANN from the US government to the global Internet community.
>One of the two processes to make this happen is the improvement of
>ICANN's accountability.
>With a lot of hard work from the civil society people in ICANN, and in
>collaboration with other constituencies, we have managed to include in
>the proposed plan.a change to ICANN's bylaws to include a commitment
>to respect human rights, as well as an interim bylaw which demands the
>development of a framework for interpretation and implementation of
>ICANN's human rights commitment.
>The inclusion of the commitment to human rights will only happen if
>the plan and the bylaw get approved. For this I would like to ask your
>I would like to ask you to submit a public comment in support for the
>human rights bylaw, which is defined in Annex 6 [0] of the draft
>report [1]. The comment period is open for public comment (up to
>December 21, 23:59 UTC)
>The process of sending in a comment in easy: simply write an email to:
>comments-draft-ccwg-accountability-proposal-30nov15 at icann.org
>I know this time of the year is quite busy, and therefore Tatiana
>Tropina and I have prepared a sample email for you below which you can
>simply copy and paste in an email and add your organization at the
>beginning of paragraph 1 and 2 and send it off. But if you would like
>to write your own comment you're of course more than invited to do so.
>- -2015-11-30-en
>__________________SAMPLE COMMENT_______________________
><<YOUR ORGANIZATION>> appreciates the opportunity to submit comments
>on the CCWG-Accountability Draft Work Stream 1 Recommendations. We
>would like to thank the CCWG on Accountability for its hard work in
>compiling this report. This is a crucial step in the transition of the
>oversight over ICANN from the US government to the global community,
>which is generally welcomed.
><<YOUR ORGANIZATION>> especially welcomes the inclusion of the bylaw
>language reaffirming and clarifying ICANN’s obligation to respect
>human rights.
>We find the proposal for bylaw language on human rights to be clear
>and balanced. We appreciate the fact that it limits the commitment to
>ICANN's mission and operations only and provides a clear distinction
>between ICANN's adherence to respect human rights and obligation to
>enforce human rights, placing the latter outside of the scope of the
>ICANN's mission.
>We are aware of the discussions on the inclusion of particular human
>rights related international legal instruments, such as Universal
>Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the International Covenant on
>Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), International Covenant on
>Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), into the bylaw
>language. We welcome the proposed version of the bylaw language, which
>does not refer to particular international legal instruments. In our
>view, there is no need to outline specific international documents in
>the bylaws since there is no reason in principle why particular
>instruments (e.g. the UDHR) should be referenced at the expense of
>other important international treaties.
>At the same time, we agree that the issues related to the
>applicability of international instruments in the context of ICANN's
>commitment to
>respect human rights must be addressed in Work Stream 2. We strongly
>support the proposal to include the interim bylaw for the purpose of
>ensuring that Work Stream 2, which will facilitate the development of
>the framework for interpretation of the human rights commitment, will
>take place.
>We further agree with the issues identified in Annex 6 of the Draft
>which will be the subject of further work in Workstream 2.
>We hope that Workstream 2 will be carried out in the same
>collaborative, inclusive and open manner as the whole work of CCWG up
>to now and will result in a clear framework for interpretation and
>implementation of ICANN's commitment to human rights.
>- -- 
>Niels ten Oever
>Head of Digital
>Article 19
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