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Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk
Tue Dec 1 15:53:57 EET 2015

Dear all

I would like to second Minda's (self)nomination even if am doing so as 
an SC member.

Her profile below speaks for itself but let me underscore some of the 
points there.

Minda's work with our website, and our other social media accounts has 
been outstanding for the last 3 years. She has maintained an online 
profile for the IRPC Charter work, and related projects consistenty, 
without pay, and to a high standard.

Her control and knowledge of the work of the IRPC as one of the IGF DCs 
but also her outreach to others whose work dovetails with the IRPC 
Charter, and related projects within and outside the immediate IGF 
terrain shows in the depth and breadth of the website. And she has been 
a steady hand supporting all of us on the ground in meetings over the year.

Minda was also active, and spoke in the stocktaking session during the 
Lisbon EuroDIG meeting and was also present and active in the Berlin 
EuroDIG. Her knowledge of the issues here is also substantive. For all 
these reasons she is a fine candidate for the SC.

best wishes

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> Hi Robert and Catherine,
> Late, but I just would like to let you know that I would be interested 
> enjoining the SC
> Below are is a brief note, I can send more detailed info ih needed.
> Best,
> Minda
> Former newspaper journalist and publishing professional, currently 
> working on Arts marketing and management, I have been actively 
> involved in promoting Human Rights related events such as film 
> festivals, photo exhibitions and panel discussions to create awareness 
> on human rights issues and abuses.
> The interest in Human Rights in general and Human Rights in the 
> Internet age in particular, led me to join the IRPC in 2012 as Web and 
> Social Media Manager. I have been actively involved in all IRPC 
> projects, including the promotion of the IRPC Charter booklet.
> I attended the last some of the IGF meetings remotely and attended the 
> WSIS+10  meeting at Unesco headquarters in 2012. I was part of the 
> working group for the European IGF (EuroDIG) in Lisbon in 2013 where I 
> represented the IRPC as workshop rapporteur.
> I believe that by joining the Steering Committee I can contribute 
> further to this important project.  I have seen the growing impact of 
> the IRPC work since I joined in 2012 and the IRPC Charter has proved 
> to be an instrumental tool which has been adopted at national and 
> regional level. I believe that it is crucial to keep the momentum 
> going and that through a concerted outreach campaign we can help 
> promote a culture of Human Rights online.
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