[IRPCoalition] Key moments in the C-51 campaign: A timeline

Laura Tribe laura at openmedia.org
Sat Aug 1 00:11:42 EEST 2015

Hi everyone,

As we head into the long weekend here in Canada (and gear up for a federal
election season that could be kicking off as soon as Sunday), I thought it
might be nice to share some of the successes that we've had so far this
year in our campaign against C-51.

OpenMedia has put together an interactive timeline of some of the
highlights we've had in our campaign against Bill C-51 to date. Check it

The fight is going to continue well into the election season (and
afterwards, to hold our new government accountable), but we wanted to show
that there have been some amazing moments so far, and the opposition to
this terrible bill continues to grow.

I hope that we've managed to capture any of your major contributions to the
campaign, but there have been a lot! So if there are any key moments that
you feel we have missed - please let me know and I'll add them in.

All the best,

*Laura Tribe*
Digital Rights Specialist, OpenMedia
laura at openmedia.org <laura at openmedia.org>
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