[IRPCoalition] IGF open consultation and MAG meeting December 2014

Anriette Esterhuysen anriette at apc.org
Thu Sep 25 12:01:29 EEST 2014

Dear all

As there will be fairly dramatic rotation of civil society
representatives on the MAG this year (most of us are up for rotation) I
think it is very important that we submit well-prepared written
submissions, and that as many of us as possible attend the December

I would suggest that IRP makes a submission was we need to make sure
that human rights issues do not slip off the agenda. We need some fixed
platform for synthesising rights issues at every IGF. The Round Table
format in my view works very well, but then it is imperative that it is
not scheduled to conflict with rights related workshops as was the case
in Istanbul.

And if both Best Bits and Governance can send inputs that will also be
good, and of course others too such as Just Net and NCUC.  APC will as
always do our 'assessment' and use that as a basis for submission.

The other thing that would be helpful would be for civil society groups
to have some idea about what theme or themes to support for the next IGF

Also some specific things to focus on would be:

1) The Best Practice Forum mechanism - recommendations, feedback on what
worked what did not, etc.

2) Workshop proposal review process - a constant 'work in progress'
which still has flaws in my view

3) Format of the event - I am going to propose that the IGF makes use of
the services of someone who specialises in participatory event
organisation (very good people that we have worked with in the past are

So just a few thoughts.  If CS groups are going to submit collective
inputs there is not that much time left to prepare them.



*Call for Input*

All stakeholders are invited to submit by *27 October 2014* written
contributions taking stock of the Istanbul IGF meeting and looking
forward to the IGF 2015 meeting, including suggestions on the format,
schedule and themes. The written contributions will be synthesized into
a paper that will form an input into the Open Consultations and MAG
meetings of 1-3 December. Please send all contributions 
to takingstock2014 at intgovforum.org <mailto:takingstock2014 at intgovforum.org>.

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