[IRPCoalition] IGF Istanbul - Stocktaking points

Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk
Fri Oct 31 16:18:18 EET 2014

Dear all

This is a call-out to all of you who were in Istanbul, or following 
remotely. We are preparing the IRPC Stocktaking summary and would like 
your input on the following topics

1) General points about organization before, and during the event
2) About the IRPC sessions - WS83, 146, 225, and the DC Meeting: These 
you can access, including transcripts, at http://igf2014.intgovforum.org/
3) About other sessions, e.g. the plenaries, pre-meetings, or other 
4) remote participation uses and access.
5) Program - planning and organization; here we really welcome comments 
from those of you who were working with us on the above sessions as some 
of you were engaging with the IGF for the first time.
6) Follow up since the meeting, and with respect to emerging issues and 
other events.

If you can send any comments, brief (no need for long responses if you 
are busy) here or offlist to info at irpcharter.org as soon as possible 
that would be great.

All input welcome

Dr Marianne Franklin
Professor of Global Media and Politics
Convener: Global Media & Transnational Communications Program
Goldsmiths (University of London)
Department of Media & Communications
New Cross, London SE14 6NW
Tel: +44 20 7919 7072
<m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk>
Co-Chair Internet Rights & Principles Coalition (UN IGF)

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