[IRPCoalition] [bestbits] [JNC - Forum] Time-sensitive: 24 hour sign on period for ITU Plenipot joint recommendations

David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Fri Oct 31 11:20:54 EET 2014

On 22 Oct 2014, at 9:47 pm, michael gurstein <gurstein at gmail.com> wrote:

> Further to Parminder’s comments below.
> I recently published a blogpost (also please not the comments) where I argued that the democratic model of “governance by and for the people” is in direct conflict/competition with the multi-stakeholder model of “governance by and for stakeholders”.
> I am fully aware that presenting these contrasting positions in such a way is highly simplistic

	It is always good when we can agree on something, Michael. 

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