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Jeremy Malcolm jmalcolm at eff.org
Wed Oct 22 22:42:04 EEST 2014

On 21/10/2014 9:04 pm, parminder wrote:
> BTW, as I mentioned above, so much of 'global' Internet issues get
> taken up today by the OECD's CICCP.... You proposal call for making
> ITU CWG-PP multistakeholder. Interesting, and I have asked this
> question often, I have never seen the civil society groups involved
> with OECD's CICCP work - which included a lot of those who have signed
> on this present ITU related statement - seek making the CICCP
> multistakeholder.... Would this not count as hypocrisy.

It is already putatively multi-stakeholder, though it's a different and
lesser implementation of multi-stakeholderism than those of other
Internet governance bodies such as ICANN and the IGF (though closer to
the former than the latter).  There was a big fight to get it to open up
as much as it has, with the creation of the CSISAC.  I agree that since
then, we have been muted in our calls to improve it further - though we
have made some noise asking OECD to support CSISAC better.  Not only the
OECD needs to improve its implementation of multi-stakeholderism, but
other regional bodies like APEC need to become multi-stakeholder too -
it's a long battle on multiple fronts.  So far I'm focussed on only some
of those, like TPP, which you've already identified.  Also important is
for us to present a clear standard of what kind of multi-stakeholderism
we want, which was the reason for attempting to use LiquidFeedback to
develop such a standard that civil society could broadly support (this
has faltered, but I am still committed to seeing it through).

The conception that the distributed, multi-stakeholder ideal for
Internet governance is a neoliberal fantasy, in distinction to the
so-called democratic/statist model, is quite bogus, by the way - but I'm
not going to jump back into that debate right now.  Very happy to leave
that to Niels and Stephanie who have replied so far.

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