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Thu May 29 16:17:07 EEST 2014

Dear all

An update on pending events and news that the 3rd edition of the IRPC 
Charter Booklet (ENG) is being readied for the upcoming German IGF and 
EuroDIG on 11-13 June, and for the upcoming IGF in Istanbul. With this 
we are proud to announce that the 1st Edition of the German IRPC Charter 
Booklet is also being readied for the EuroDIG week. The 1st edition of 
the Spanish translation will follow and the 2nd Edition of the Arabic 
Booklet as well. And we are happy to announce that work has started on a 
Turkish translation, if all goes well, in time for Istanbul. Thanks to 
our translators for this tremendous effort to have the Charter available 
in other languages.

FYI, by "editions" we are referring to consecutive print-runs and 
associated updates, edits, and corrections respectively, all of which 
have been needed to make sure the upporting material in the booklet is 
accurate and up to date. The IRPC Charter itself and 10 IRP Principles 
are not part of these front- and back-end edits.

*Displaying Endorsements and Sponsors*: With these new translations we 
have also included on the back cover the logos and names of all those 
organizations who have endorser the IRPC Charter work to date. If your 
organization would like to join us and be listed on the back cover 
please let us know by the end of this week i.e. tomorrow, Friday.

And with these acknowledgements we are also adding one for all those 
individuals and organizations who have supported the booklet project 
financially, either through the Razoo fundraiser for the first edition 
last year at the Bali IGF or in other ways. Some individuals would 
prefer to be anoymous but if you would like to be named as a 
sponsor/supporter of this work please also let us know by tomorrow so we 
can include your name as well.

*Where to find the PDF Booklets*: ALL updated booklets in PDF format as 
they are finalised will be online at www.internetrightsandprinciples.org 
shortly for downloading. We will have English and German hardcopies 
ready for distribution at the EuroDIG in Berlin.

*How to pay for all this work*: And with this good news we also have a 
request to help with this second round of formatting and printing in 
financial terms. Every little bit counts and donations can be made via 
the next Razoo fundraiser (stand by) or to any of the SC members in 
cash. We managed to crowd-fund the first print-run. This second one 
could do with financial help as well. A big thank you to all those who 
have come forward already to support this second, and expanded phase. 
Again, do let us know if you want to be named as we will gladly do this.

*A couple of other updates and reminders*:
The EuroDIG Program is shaping up 
<http://www.eurodig.org/wiki/EuroDIG_program_outline_and_sessions>; IRPC 
members have been involved in flash panels, workshops 
<http://www.eurodig.org/wiki/Accessibility_and_social_inclusion>, and at 
least one Plenary 
<http://www.eurodig.org/wiki/Internet_principles_vs._state_security>. It 
is a great program this year so looking forward to that.

The NZ Greens Internet Rights and Freedom Bill 
<http://www.internetrightsbill.org.nz/> consultations are open for input 
and we encourage you all to take a look at this pioneering initiative 
that has used the IRPC Charter/10 Principles as a model and provide 
feedback in support of putting rights/principles talk into effective action.

And more news on the Hivos IG-MENA 
<http://hivos.org/news/click-rights-and-get-it-right>project and the NZ 
IRF Bill will be presented along with other projects at one of the IRPC 
supported workshops in Istanbul. More on news on these at a later date.

Thanks again all for showing your support of the Charter in concrete terms.

best regards
MF/RB and the whole SC

Internet Rights and Principles Coalition
UN Internet Governance Forum
Homepage: www.internetrightsandprinciples.org
Twitter: @netrights
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/internetrightsandprinciples

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