[IRPCoalition] IRPC Submission to the Net Mundial Meeting

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Fri Mar 7 17:16:28 EET 2014


>the network equality phraseology in the IRPC efforts I think
>nicely sidestep that - sideshow?

This is an odd comment. The fact that net neutrality regulations from one national regulator might be unauthorized by that country's laws is completely irrelevant to the question whether NN is a good principle. We are supposed to be advancing principles, not describing what is currently legal around the world. Once a principle is accepted, the laws can change; e.g., the US court decision made it clear that if the FCC reclassifies ISPs as common carriers rather than info service providers it would be ok for them to have the open internet rules.

My main point about the "network equality" principle was mainly that it was garbled and incoherent, and did not take into account obvious cases in which you do want to allow network management or some forms of discrimination. That could easily be fixed, if there was any serious attempt to reach consensus on this list, which I see there is not.

However, unlike the other, more generic principles which are mostly already ratified in the UN UDHR, at least this one attempts to deal with something specific to Internet governance.

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