[IRPCoalition] European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) 2014 - First Planning Meeting

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Thu Jan 30 15:59:35 EET 2014

Dear all

Just a heads-up about the 1st Open Planning Meeting for the upcoming 
EuroDIG meeting in Berlin tomorrow, 31st January. The EuroDIG is this 
June, inbetween the Brazil Meeting and the Istanbul IGF. A preliminary 
poll has been instigated this year so you can get a sense of the 
different and overlapping topics put forward at this early stage. The 
IRP SC compiled 3 proposals arising out of the Lisbon meeting and 
developments since. These are:




The overview is http://www.eurodig.org/subject-proposals

And more information about the meeting itself is 

Marianne F will be there and report back with outcomes. Any ideas and 
comments on the three proposals above are welcome (and votes of 
course!). We are already seeing opportunities to liaise and collaborate 
on like-minded proposals so more updates to come.

thanks all

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