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Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk
Mon Jan 27 16:45:50 EET 2014

Dear all

Apologies for any double or cross-posting

Great news to share - as a preview. Thanks to the Hivos IG-MENA project 
and their 'Click Rights' campaign that is being launched this week, the 
IRP Charter booklet is now in Arabic, the first full translation of the 
IRP Charter.

Please circulate and share with your networks to support the Hivos work 
in the MENA region to raise awareness and educate about existing and 
emerging rights and principles for the online environment.

The PDF in Arabic is attached, it will be on the IRP Website very soon. 
For more information and inspiration see


Please support the campaign with the hashtag #IGMENA and include @ig_mena

More news v. soon on other translations of the full Charter that are in 
the pipeline as well as a number of endorsements of the Charter. But 
first let us celebrate the first official translation of the IRP Charter 
into a world language.

This is an exciting affirmation of the collaboration and energetic 
synergies across the IG community and related sectors that produced the 
Charter in the first place. Congratulations to us all!


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