[IRPCoalition] Meet the new IRP Co-Chair and Steering Comm members

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Wed Jan 1 19:39:05 EET 2014

Thanks for these excellent news!

I am thrilled to see such talent leading the IRP. May it go from
strength to strength!
Best wishes to you all for 2014.


On 24/12/2013 17:54, IRPCoalition wrote:
> Dear all
> The election/endorsement process for the IRP Coalition's Steering
> Committee is over (37 people took part with 86.5% support, 5.4%
> against, and 8.1% abstaining). Thank you for the positive comments
> about all we have achieved this year and also for the constructive
> suggestions for the year to come. The new SC met last week so this
> email is to formally re-introduce everyone to you all.
> First up, our incoming co-Chair who will be serving with Marianne this
> year. Robert has worked with the IRP since 2008, seeing the first
> charter through, setting up and then assisting with the website and
> social media efforts, and also supporting IRP events at the IGF
> meetings. After being on the steering committee for the last few
> years, championing the IRP in all capacities, he is happy to provide
> continuity and support as co-chair of the IRP. Robert is excited about
> growing participation in the coalition, ramping up dissemination of
> the Charter in different engaging formats (socio-technical,
> educational), and exploring new ways of integrating Human Rights in
> Internet Governance at all levels. This work complements his teaching
> and research as an engaged academic.
> Next here are the SC members for 2014 (bio notes will be up on the
> website shortly):
> Co-Chairs
> Marianne Franklin (New Zealand/UK)
> Robert Bodle (USA)
> Steering Committee
> Rafik Dammak (Tunisia/Japan)
> Catherine Easton (UK)
> Dixie Hawtin (UK)
> Matthias Kettemann (Austria)
> Parminder Jeet Singh (India)
> Carlos Affonso Pereira de Souza (Brazil)
> Vik Szabados (Hungary)
> Tapani Tarvainen (Finland)
> We are all looking forward to a productive year for the protection and
> enjoyment of human rights online - for everyone, everywhere.
> Warm regards
> MF/RB and the whole SC
> www.internetrightsandprinciples.org
> http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/dynamiccoalitions/72-ibr
> @netrights
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