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Thanks to Marianne for the work done and hopefully she is still with us in
the SC. welcome to Catherine as new co-chair and Hanane as new SC member


2014-12-17 8:27 GMT+09:00 Bodle, Robert <Robert.Bodle at msj.edu>:
> Dear Members of the Internet Rights and Principles Coalition,
> As Co-chairs of the IRPC, we’d like to formally announce the transition
> now that the election has concluded, first by welcoming and reintroducing:
> 1)      the new Steering Committee Member, Hanane Houjemi (
> http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/wks2013/panellist_2013_list_view.php?qbofmmjtu_je=70)
> who seeks to promote the Charter further among governments in the Arab
> region;
> 2)      and the new Co-Chair, Catherine Easton, who intends to extend the
> Charter’s influence as a tangible legal framework, from both a legal
> perspective and through access-focused activist groups.
> We are also formally announcing the stepping down of Marianne Franklin,
> Co-chair of the IRPC 2013-2014. Marianne has tirelessly promoted the
> development of the Charter as a tangible published document and has
> shepherded numerous copyedits, designs, translations, and print runs of the
> Charter, which has been translated in Arabic, Turkish, German, and now
> Spanish. Marianne has also represented the Coalition at IGF-Baku, Bali, and
> Istanbul, as well as EuroDIG (Lisbon and Berlin), and countless other
> Internet Governance venues, fora, and meetings leading workshops, coalition
> building, advocating and fundraising. She has also worked toward the
> implementation of the Charter within policy instruments and outcome
> documents (see:
> http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/site/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Five-Year-Review_IRPC-Slides.pdf)
> and has worked to strengthen the IRPC’s role in collaborating with civil
> society groups in general and dynamic coalitions within the IGF in
> particular. As IRPC Steering Member, Marianne will continue to lead the
> Charter Booklet Project. Thank you Marianne!
> The coalition hopes to build on this good work - to grow the coalition;
> implement Human Rights in Internet Governance with the Charter as both an
> aspirational document and guide for policy formulation; seek further
> partnerships to providing netrights education and outreach; and to enhance
> and expand on coalition building at the local, state, and regional level to
> uphold Human Rights on the Internet for all.
> Happy New Year and Best Wishes!
> Robert and Catherine
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